August 02, 2004 12:00 PM

While teen star Hilary Duff, 16, searches for Prince Charming in the new romantic comedy A Cinderella Story, big sister Haylie, 19, has been getting into the fame game too: She plays a high school mean girl in the critically praised indie comedy Napoleon Dynamite. The busy sisters, who share an L.A. house with their parents, also sing: They’ve teamed up for a new single (a remake of the 1981 Go-Go’s hit “Our Lips Are Sealed”) and a joint summer concert tour. They dished with PEOPLE correspondent Brenda Rodriguez about dating bad boys, dealing with pressure to be thin and cheering on Britney Spears.

Haylie, what’s it been like to see Hilary’s career skyrocket?

HAYLIE: It’s been so great, and it’s been crazy. I think she’s handled it better than anybody in her age range. She was so young, and she handled it so well. She could have been snobby, but she’s not.

Do you two gravitate to different types of movies?

HILARY: With Haylie doing indies, that’s like her personality: a little offbeat and crazy. Napoleon Dynamite is so funny! I just wanted to see more scenes with you in it.

HAYLIE: You just want to see the ugly clothes I had to wear.

Why remake “Our Lips Are Sealed”?

HAYLIE: Somebody at the label was like, “What about this one?” It was kind of perfect because, especially Hilary this past year or two, she’s really dealt with people saying stuff behind her back. Things have come out that aren’t true about her.

Do you have boyfriends?


Hilary, what about rumors you’re dating Joel Madden, the lead singer of Good Charlotte?

HILARY: No Madden. It’s so weird. I could probably [be seen] with anybody, they could be 40 years old, and somebody would say something about it. We just met each other. We see each other at a lot of events.

Do you compete for guys?

HILARY: We don’t have the same taste in guys. Haylie is more into mellow, quirky guys.

HAYLIE: I think Hilary is kind of into the bad ones a little bit. If they have a tattoo, it’s cool.

Do you ever agree about which guys are hot?

HILARY: Yeah. Remember when we went through our Josh Hartnett phase? Or our Zachery Ty Bryan [Home Improvement] phase?

HAYLIE: When we were little we loved the Home Improvement boys.

Let’s talk about some of your showbiz peers. What do you think of Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears?

HAYLIE: I love Britney. She’s so great. I think she’s had to put up with a lot. And we love Jamie Lynn.

HILARY: I love how Jamie Lynn is always like “I’m going to be a bigger star than Britney!”

HAYLIE: I know! It’s so funny.

How do you feel about Mary-Kate Olsen‘s public battle with anorexia?

HAYLIE: When somebody is doing good, everyone wants to knock them down and say, “Oh my God, I saw her, she looked so fat!” I think that puts a lot of pressure, along with people who work on the movies saying, “Lose weight before the film.” You hear that so often.

HILARY: There is so much that people go through and the press doesn’t really help that. Nobody is perfect. It’s hard to deal with.

How do you handle that kind of pressure?

HAYLIE: We have a mom in our house who buys Krispy Kremes.

So who keeps the messiest room?

HILARY: You do!

HAYLIE: No! No! Not my room, my closet. My closet you cannot walk in. It is out of control. Jessica Simpson‘s closet has nothing on mine.

HILARY: She was always the slob, and I was always the neat freak. I make sure my pillows are on my bed the right way.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

HAYLIE: She’s kind of rocker.

HILARY: She’s a little more girly, but I will spend two hours in the mirror doing my makeup. I love makeup.

Does that make Hilary the tomboy?

HAYLIE: You were.

HILARY: But I always had lip gloss in my pocket.

HAYLIE: She’d be at soccer practice with lip gloss on.

Which fashion accessory can’t you live without?

HAYLIE: Any high heel…

HILARY: Because we’re short!

Do you want to costar in a film someday?

HAYLIE: We do! We want to work together so bad. We want to do a kick-ass girl movie. And we can do the music too.

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