January 20, 2014 12:00 PM

Rough Rider

Martha Stewart cops to being a bull-riding fan, saying, “I can’t believe they stay on there for eight seconds.” Oh, Martha, we used to say the same about your assistants.


Runner Runner

American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice runner-up Clay Aiken may run for Congress in North Carolina. Provided he’s not up against Ruben Studdard or Arsenio Hall, he’ll do fine.

Home for the Holidays

Jennifer Hudson‘s assistant loses it when she gives him a house for Christmas. Note to Santa: Never, ever follow Jennifer Hudson.

Gold Digger

A company is launching a new bitcoin-style digital currency called Coinye West. Money with a bigger ego than the people who own it is never a wise investment.

New Girl, Old Grudges

Zooey Deschanel says that being unpopular as a child gave her “built-in tenacity.” “Well, you’re welcome,” say all the jerks who were mean to her.

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