August 12, 2013 12:00 PM

Swimsuit Issues

Jessica Alba‘s bikini from 2005’s Into the Blue fails to sell at auction on July 27. “Now you know how I feel,” says Into the Blue.

Who’s That Girl?

A blonde-eyebrowed, nose-ringed Lady Gaga shows up at a Hamptons event. Either that or the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has a summer share in Montauk.

Cents & Sensibility

Author Jane Austen will appear on the £10 English bank note. Now the $1 bill won’t be the only currency hopelessly single.

Quit Playing Games

A $6,000 pledge to Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s horror film gets a part in the movie. Throw in another grand and he’ll explain the lyrics to “I Want It That Way.”

Girl on Fire

Jennifer Lawrence geeks out over Jeff Bridges at ComicCon. If she’d shown up in her Mystique costume, she wouldn’t have been the only one tongue-tied!

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