November 11, 2013 12:00 PM

No. 1 with a Bullet

Tanker crews are using Britney Spears songs to ward off Somali pirates. Apparently they were always more Christina Aguilera fans.

Rocket Man

After playing the scary villain Bane in Dark Night Rises, Tom Hardy is switching gears to star in a biopic on Elton John, whose only crimes were against fashion.

Mystic Julia

Julia Roberts is 46 and her breakout movie Mystic Pizza is 25. Who knew the fountain of youth could be found in a can of tomato sauce!

Oscar, She Won

Murder, She Wrote is being revamped to star Octavia Spencer. If you invite her to your dinner party, make sure your guests are well-insured.

Big Game James

During the World Series, James Taylor starts the national anthem with “O beautiful…” before quickly correcting himself. Cards, Sox: Now that’s how you recover from an error.

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