September 30, 2013 12:00 PM

Make It Work

Robert Pattinson sketches dress designs and would like to one day have a runway show. Remember, Rob, sparkly skin and bloody incisors were so two seasons ago.

Hanks Anyway

While doing jury duty, Tom Hanks inadvertently halts a trial when a Los Angeles city attorney employee thanks him for his service. American jurisprudence: You never know what you’re gonna get.


Katy Perry reveals a fondness for astrology and transcendental meditation. As long as she steers clear of the patchouli, we’re fine.

High Cature

Taylor Swift posts a shot of her cat Meredith amidst her shoe collection. She’s partial to the kitten heels.

Illegal Use of Hands

At a concert in Brazil, Beyoncé manages to finish singing “Irreplaceable” after a fan yanks her off stage mid-song. If ever a moment embodied a song …

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