By Oliver Jones
February 11, 2013 12:00 PM

A Second Becks, Anyone?

David and Victoria Beckham‘s oldest, 13-year-old Brooklyn, got a tryout for Chelsea Football Club. We’re positive his last name had nothing to do with it.

I Dreamed a Dream That Life Was Fetch

Tina Fey is in talks to make a Mean Girls musical, a.k.a. Les Mean & Miserables Girls.

Homeland Security

Taye Diggs returned home from the SAG Awards with wife Idina Menzel and chased down a suspected burglar. Now that’s an exciting date night!

The Only Way They’re Getting Back Together, Like, Ever

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles look-alikes gathered at a British radio station. The deejay knew they were trouble when they walked in.

RIP Sybil

The big lesson learned from Downton Abbey‘s shocking plot twist? Never take medical advice from Lord Grantham.

Proof of Laughs

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Longtime Jimmy Kimmel Live punch line Matt Damon enlists A-listers like Demi, Reese and Nicole to exact revenge. How many people want to do this to Jay Leno?