By Oliver Jones
June 10, 2013 12:00 PM

A Throne of Her Own

Blue Ivy Carter gets a special spot while on tour with mom Beyoncé. Her rider also includes a dozen gold pacifiers.

Canine Close-Up

Seyfried‘s pooch Finn, who has his own Twitter, just got his first movie role. Always awkward when your dog has better prospects than some of your friends.

Carey On

Mariah Carey‘s Versace pops a zipper on GMA, nearly causing other things to pop. “I was nowhere near her!” says Justin Timberlake.

Freeman in the Morning

Morgan Freeman snoozes through an a.m. interview and later claims to be testing “Google Eyelids.” Scary thing is, they actually are working on that.

By the Book

Lea Michele is writing a memoir-style guide called Brunette Ambition. She’s starting to make her Glee character seem like a slacker.