May 06, 2013 12:00 PM

A Flourless Spring

Suri Cruise brought flourless cupcakes to school for her 7th birthday. With kids today, it’s gluten-free to be you and me.

Friday Night Lightener

Minka Kelly goes blonde. Fresh off playing Jackie O in the upcoming movie The Butler, the FNL star is embracing her inner Marilyn.

Swimming Upstream

On his new reality show, Ryan Lochte reveals his love of the film What Women Want. A hint, Ryan: a little less conversation!

Sexiest Mama’s Boy Alive

Bradley Cooper admits he still lives at home with his mom. It’s cool: She totally gets the tie-on-the-doorknob rule.

Only I in Team

Rihanna sports a custom-made jersey with her face on the front. We know who she’s playing for, but what’s the game, exactly?

Diver Down

Nicole Eggert is the latest star injured on ABC’s celeb diving show Splash. Maybe they should rename it Splat.

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