December 31, 2012 12:00 PM



Not-So-Secret Identities

He saves a pedestrian from a cab! She aids a fainting woman! Now if only they and other hero celebs teamed up on national debt….

Yes, that’s her boyfriend

Odd Couple of the Year

Mary-Kate Olsen, 26, and Olivier Sarkozy, 43, take the prize. Better luck next year, Demi Moore.

Downton Fever

The upstairs-downstairs drama hooks legions of Abbey addicts. PBS hasn’t been this steamy since Julia Child boiled lobsters.

A Rebel with Applause

Wilson, the Aussie Bridesmaids breakout who wowed us in Pitch Perfect, is brash, bold proof that objects of desire come in all sizes.

Look-at-Me Lovers

Kanye West shows Kim Kardashian love with his song “Perfect B—-.” And this is her relationship that lasts.

Words of the Year

mommy porn (MOM•mee porn), n. Genre kicked off by E.L. James; what that woman on the plane was actually reading on her Kindle.

fiscal cliff (FIS•kal KLIF), n. Potential economic crisis if political parties don’t play nice; your buddy Cliff who never pays for dinner.

GIF (jif), n. A simple, repeating animation on websites; if you’re over 25, a type of peanut butter.

YOLO (yo•LOW), acronym. Abbrev. of you only live once; motto of L. Lohan, A. Bynes and all who share the road with them.

Zipped Lips

Singers including John Mayer and Keith Urban were forced into vocal rest. If only Donald Trump had this problem.

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