By People Staff
June 03, 1974 12:00 PM

Had things gone according to plan, Patricia Campbell Hearst would have been getting married this month. Things did not, of course. Since she was kidnapped February 4 by members of the Symbionese Liberation Army, one bizarre event has followed another in numbing succession. Even the fiery shootout and eventual death of many of the “army’s” members took on a tone of unreality, seeming more like war than law enforcement. The FBI charged Patty with being a fugitive, warning that the 20-year-old ex-socialite was armed and dangerous. She reportedly vowed, “They’ll have to kill me.” What the Hearst family has been through is almost unimaginable. It is difficult enough for an outsider to study these family photographs, album reminders of a girl who in other days had been loyal, level-headed, kind. In them all there is the protected atmosphere of a rich girl enjoying life’s gifts—and a look of innocence that now seems poignant and grotesque.