July 14, 2008 12:00 PM

Forget lullabies. When 7-week-old Isabel Ruby Lieberstein is fussy, her mom, The Office’s Angela Kinsey, has invented her own soothing technique. “She loves the Dwight bobblehead!” says the actress about her daughter’s favorite toy, modeled after costar Rainn Wilson’s character. “I dangle it in front of her and she instantly calms down—it’s my secret weapon.”

Taking a break from her role as a neurotic office worker to focus on motherhood has been bliss for Kinsey, 36, who gave birth on May 3 via C-section. “The first time they put her on my chest, I just cried,” she says. “Every cliché is true. You never think you can love anything more.”

Married to writer Warren Lieberstein, 39, the first-time mom is already getting the hang of parenthood. “She’s so peaceful, it’s as if she’s had five kids,” says her Office-mate Jenna Fisher, who enjoys hanging out with Kinsey and kid. “Isabel is so sweet, I want to hold her all the time.” An extra set of hands will be helpful in July, when Kinsey returns to work. But judging by her castmates’ enthusiasm during her pregnancy—Steve Carell gave her a Boppy nursing pillow and Leslie David Baker fetched Kinsey snacks—mom and baby are in for an easy transition. “It’ll be hard to leave her [with an on-set nanny] if she’s crying,” says Kinsey, who credits breast-feeding with helping her lose 27 lbs. of pregnancy weight in a mere 6 weeks. “But maybe I’ll use that frustration when I have to yell at Dwight!”


Born May 3

Weight 6 lbs. 14 oz.

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