By People Staff
September 25, 2006 12:00 PM

Whether casually dressed for a day of shopping or glammed up for an evening out, Alba always looks of-the-moment. Here, she gives her take on the latest styles—and explains what she’d never wear.

• What trends are you loving?

“I was glad when leggings came back in style. I have always worn leggings with shorts and dresses. When I was little, I rocked them hard! But the ones I had then had lace on the bottom and were a bright color—the look was more Blossom and Punky Brewster, less about fashion.”

• Any accessories?

“Big sunglasses have always been my style. Back when I was a skater kid from the Valley, I would wear Arnette sunglasses and look like I had big fly eyes. My grandma wore big sunglasses, and I always thought I wanted to look like her. Bigger is better. And you can go without makeup! That’s why I wear them now.”

• What trend would you never wear?

“Miniskirts, Daisy Duke shorts and plunging V-necks. I’m not flashy that way. I’m more conservative. My style is more classic, elegant and a little funky.”

• Do you plan your daily outfits in advance or just throw things together?

“Usually I go through two outfits until it feels right. I wear too much black, I have to admit. It’s easy. You can blend in, but you can also look chic.”

• Whose style do you admire?

“I really like Gwen Stefani‘s playfulness and adventurousness. She dresses for herself and not for anyone else. That’s what I like, rather than dressing for men or for sex—we’re so much more than that.”

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