March 12, 2008 12:00 PM

“One time I didn’t get to spend New Year’s with my significant other, so I remade the holiday a few weeks after. I decorated the room with streamers and had those big stupid hats and replayed the countdown from TV. We missed our New Year’s kiss, so we got it back.”


“My wife and I dated in high school, and one time I screwed up one of our proms and we got in this huge argument. So I went and re-created our own prom after I screwed up the real one. I had some music going and some balloons and all that stuff. It was one of my finer moments!”


“I proposed to my wife on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. I was performing, and when I finished the song I asked her to come out onstage. She didn’t know I was going to do it.”


“For my 25th wedding anniversary last year, I got my wife a horseshoe necklace with 25 diamonds on it, and I engraved on the back of it: ‘That was fun—let’s do it again.’ And then I got her on a jet and invited everyone from the wedding party, and we flew down to the restaurant in Shreveport, La., where we had our wedding reception. It was a total surprise.”


“One night when I was supposed to be out of town, I lined my girlfriend’s apartment with candles, put chocolate-covered strawberries and wine in the middle of the floor; we had a picnic in the middle of the living room. She cried a little bit. And then we kissed a little bit.”

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