The Jolie-Pitt Kids Grow Up!


The Leader of the Pack

The family’s oldest, who has a cameo in Dad’s movie World War Z, is Angie’s helper. “He takes care of me,” Jolie has said. “He’ll hold my hand and say, ‘Are you feeling tired?'”

PAX, 9

The Class Clown

“Pax is extremely wild,” Jolie said in a recent Marie Claire interview, “but he has a very good heart.” The jokester, who also likes to help cook, is best friends with his big brother. “He looks up to Maddox,” says a source. “They’re very close.”


The Clothes Horse

The bubbly girlie girl “started dressing herself at an early age,” says a source. Easygoing and a nurturer, she also enjoys horseback riding. “She has found her thing,” Jolie has said.


The Hugger

Known for being a cuddly, affectionate Mama’s girl, “Shiloh is one of the most playful people you’ll ever meet,” her mom has said. “She has early signs of a performer.”


The Starlet

A princess in Maleficent, she was the only kid on-set “who didn’t scream when she saw me in my sorceress costume,” says Jolie. Offscreen she “loves to curl up with Brad and Angie,” says a source.


The Mini Brad

“He’s very much a dude,” Jolie told Marie Claire. Do Mom and Dad ever wish the kids wouldn’t grow up so fast? “Yes, but it’s so much fun having a conversation with them,” Pitt tells PEOPLE.

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