July 14, 1997 12:00 PM

Could John Rambo stop an antigovernment extremist from blowing up a federal building somewhere, say, in the Midwest? This is the movie concept being explored now by Miramax, the company that bought the rights to the Rambo franchise in May. Sylvester Stallone, who last played the cannon-toting flexmaster in 1988’s Rambo III, has agreed to reprise his character in what will be the action adventure’s fourth installment. Word is, the plot calls for Rambo to infiltrate a right-wing American militia group to stop an attack on the government. If that sounds familiar, a source close to the project tells me the story “was definitely inspired by the Timothy McVeigh case.” Production is expected to begin next summer….

Jason Gedrick (EZ Streets, Murder One) kept his commitment to be a cohost with Stephen Baldwin of the June 23 Fore Play ’97 celebrity golf tournament in L.A., which raised nearly $150,000 for AIDS Project Los Angeles. “But did he have to show up with the chicken pox?” asks an outraged source of mine, who calls Gedrick’s presence “tactless and selfish because people there did not know he had chicken pox,” which, in its early stages, is extremely contagious. Gedrick’s rep explains that her client “was in the second week” of the illness and no longer a threat to others. “His doctor gave him permission to attend the event,” says the rep….

Meanwhile, Kelsey Crammer, 42, who also played in the golf tournament, was overheard telling Alan Thicke that he would marry his 28-year-old fiancée, film student Camille Donatacci, next month, which surprised me because when Grammer announced their engagement in December, he said the wedding would take place this fall. Crammer’s rep declined to say whether the couple have accelerated their plans….

Now that Hanson, the Oklahoma-based pop trio comprising the brothers Hanson (Zachary, 11, Taylor, 14, and Isaac, 16), has a monster hit with its first single, “MMMBop,” the publishing world is betting that young readers will line up to buy books about the singing sibs. An authorized Hanson bio was just sold by agents at William Morris to Virgin Publishing in England. At the same time, one unauthorized Hanson quickie, Hanson: MMMBop to the Top, is already in the works and due in September from Archway Paperbacks. Additionally, a rep at Ballantine says that they too are considering taking on a Hanson project….

And speaking of books, there seems to have been a major crash in the market for private diaries. Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, by Nicole’s close friend Faye Resnick, a bestseller at $14.95 after it was published in 1994, and The Private Diary of Lyle Menendez: In His Own Words! by that very same Menendez brother, originally $17.95, recently became available at 99¢ Only Stores, a retail chain throughout Southern California that, as the name promises, sells no item for more than 99 cents….

And finally, if you’re still wondering why the Los Angeles district attorney’s office blew the first O.J. Simpson trial, here’s a possible clue I picked up from an official letter recently sent by the office of DA Gil Garcetti. Right below the DA’s seal, his name was printed “Gil Garcitti.” If his own office can’t get his name right, how could anyone have expected them to win the so-called Trial of the Century?

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