January 27, 1997 12:00 PM

Oprah, be warned. And you too, Rosie. Roseanne wants her own talk show and is currently in serious discussions with syndicators. After she wraps the final season of her Roseanne sitcom this spring, the comedian hopes to yak full-time. What prompted this career move? Roseanne’s interview on First Edition with boxer Mike Tyson before he lost to Evander Holyfield in November. “She loved it,” says her spokesperson, but declined to elaborate….

Want to feel old? It was 20 years ago that Three’s Company began airing on ABC. The sitcom, which starred John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers, lasted seven seasons. Now an anniversary book is in the works. And there’s even talk of a reunion movie. Producers are still trying to come up with a scenario enticing enough to reunite the cast (as if sophisticated scripts were a concern the first time around). None of the stars have committed yet. “It’s a bad idea,” says Ritter. “We’d be trying to recapture something better left alone. But I’d do it if Neil Simon wrote it.”…

Speaking of TV reunions, Nicollette Sheridan will be showing up only for a quick cameo in the Knots Landing movie scheduled to air in May on CBS. She’ll again be playing Paige Matheson, that manipulative sexpot, long enough to say goodbye to Gregory Sumner, played by William Devane. Her former Knots costars, including Michelle Phillips, are disappointed she won’t be doing more. “Her manager didn’t think it was a good idea for her image,” says Phillips, who’s still good friends with Sheridan. “I talked to Nicollette twice about it. I talked to her manager too. I wanted to work with her.” Sheridan, now starring in the comedy film Beverly Hills Ninja, wouldn’t comment directly, but her publicist says the Knots Landing filming conflicted with shooting on Fragments, another TV movie that Sheridan was starring in for CBS, which is set to air in either February or May….

Spring may be a few months away, but love is very much in the air: Jerry Maguire costar Renée Zellweger, 27, is extremely guarded about her personal life, but I hear she’s dating Josh Pate, 26, who met Zellweger last fall when he and his twin brother, Jonas, co-directed Zellweger in Liar, a psychological thriller due out later this year…

Bay watch’s Traci Bingham, 29, who plays lifeguard Jordan Tate, got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, musician Rob Vallier, 27, on New Year’s Day. The two were visiting Iowa, where Vallier was raised, when he popped the question after riding up to her on a cow. Oh, yes, there was an engagement ring tied to a ribbon around the cow’s neck…

And actor Mitch Pileggi, 44, who plays Assistant Director Skinner on The X-Files, tied the knot over the holidays on Maui with Arlene Rempel, 30, who is X-Files costar Gillian Anderson’s stand-in. X heartthrob David Duchovny was the best man, while the show’s creator-producer Chris Carter was a guest. Anderson, though invited, was unable to make the trip….

X-tra news: Back on the X-Files set in Vancouver following Pileggi’s wedding, cast and crew received a visit from members of Smashing Pumpkins when the band’s tour landed in town. “They’re huge fans,” says Pileggi. “They knew the story lines better than I did.”

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