April 21, 1997 12:00 PM

Breaking up is harder to do for some couples than others. Ashley Hamilton has withdrawn his divorce action against wife Angie Everhart. The two, who married Dec. 1 and split three months later, are still living apart, but Hamilton says they are trying to reconcile….

It was reported recently that Ed Burns, writer, director and star of The Brothers McMullen and She’s the One, had just split from his longtime college sweetheart—and costar in both movies—Elite model Maxine Bahns. In fact, the two called it quits a few months ago but have remained friends, even though Bahns has since taken up with Jason Lewis, who most recently played the recurring character Rob Andrews on Fox’s Beverly Hills, 90210….

Meanwhile, in New York City, actor Billy Crudup (Inventing the Abbotts) is still paying rent on his apartment, but he’s rarely there because his residence of choice has become actress Mary-Louise Parker’s apartment nearby. The two have been nearly inseparable since appearing together on Broadway last year in a revival of Bus Stop….

Laurence Leamer, author of the 1994 bestseller The Kennedy Women, is now poised to crack the veneer of country music with his new book Three Chords and the Truth. An early look at the book (due in June from HarperCollins) and a conversation with Leamer tells me that more than a few country artists will be upset, including Garth Brooks, who Leamer says “outed” Brooks’s half sister and bandmate Betsy Smittle on a 1993 Barbara Walters TV special without telling her about it first. Smittle “was devastated,” says Leamer, who adds that Brooks’s manager tried to stop him but was unsuccessful because Brooks felt his interview with Walters needed “something sexy to get attention.” Brooks, who told Walters that Smittle inspired his 1992 song “We Shall Be Free,” a plea for tolerance, was unavailable for comment….

Attention, media: Before you answer that telephone, be warned that the person on the line could be Bill Paxton, who is on what he describes as a “grassroots campaign” to both promote his new character-driven film Traveller (see review, page 23) and shed the image he garnered last year starring in the box office hit Twister. Paxton tells me he has been making up to 50 calls a day to reporters and critics to talk about the film, which he produced and stars in (as an itinerant con man) but which has little or no publicity budget. I asked him if Elizabeth Taylor has seen his movie yet. After all, Taylor went on a crusade for Billy Bob Thornton after she saw Sling Blade. “No, she hasn’t,” says Paxton, “but Billy Bob’s seen it twice.”…

John Cleese tells me that he and the four other surviving members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, fellow Britishers Eric Idle, Michael Palin and Terry Jones and American Terry Gilliam, will get together in London next month to begin talks about reuniting for another Python movie. “There is no concept yet,” says Cleese, “but it was Eric’s idea that we meet, and we’ve all agreed.” Graham Chapman, the only other original member of the satirical troupe, died of throat and spinal cancer in 1989.

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