By Mitchell Fink
Updated August 12, 1996 12:00 PM

Just call him One Take McConaughey. If you’ve seen A Time to Kill, the new movie based on John Grisham’s novel, you may be impressed to learn that Matthew McConaughey, who stars as defense attorney Jake Brigance, needed only one take to nail the movie’s climactic trial summation scene. Director Joel Schumacher had planned to focus first on the jury’s reaction to McConaughey’s lines. But, Schumacher told me, “Matthew had been out walking in a field. I don’t know what happened in that field, but when he came back into the courtroom, he had a look in his eye that told me to turn the cameras around and shoot him first.” Which is precisely what Schumacher did, using two cameras. Then, heeding what he calls his director’s instincts and having looked through the viewfinder, Schumacher determined “there was no need for Matthew to do it again. It was that good.”…

Credit Friends costar Matthew Perry for coming up with a bi laugh line in the box office smash Independence Day. According to ID4 producer and co-writer Dean Devlin, Perry was initially offered the role of Will Smith’s flying buddy, which went to Harry Connick Jr. (Perry passed because the shooting schedule conflicted with Friends.) Devlin says that in early talks it was Perry’s idea “to have the character jokingly say ‘Hold me’ ” to Smith as the two headed off to battle aliens. Can’t wait for Perry’s contribution to the sequel….

Sandra Dee may be making a comeback. Now 52, Dee, the perky star of Gidget (1959) and widow of singer Bobby Darin, has begun talking to book publishers about Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee. That’s the title of the autobiography she’s currently writing with sportswriter Phil Berger. The reemer-gence of Dee, who battled alcoholism and anorexia for years, is being timed by her handlers to coincide with The Bobby Darin Story, a movie project that director Barry Levinson has long been developing. I’m told Levin-son hopes to start filming Darin early in 1997 and that the leading candidates to play Darin and Dee are Johnny Depp and Drew Barrymore….

I hear from a source who saw a preview showing of Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Disney’s second straight-to-video sequel to the studio’s 1992 animated blockbuster Aladdin, that Robin Williams is at it again. Reprising his role as the smart-mouthed genie, Williams does frenetic impressions of Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, Woody Allen giving marital advice and even himself in Mrs. Doubt-fire. This latest Aladdin chapter is due in stores Aug. 13….

Do I detect a trend? In supermodel Elle Macpherson’s two most recent films, Jane Eyre and If Lucy Fell, she lost her leading men to other women. And in the new Batman & Robin, Macpherson will lose her fiance, George Clooney‘s Bruce Wayne—at least for a time—to Poison Ivy (who will be portrayed by Uma Thurman). But the trend may be short-lived. Macpher-son’s manager, Stuart Cameron, says that the Australian actress has recently been cast as Anthony Hopkins’s wife in the drama Bookworm. “So she scores there,” Cameron assures me. Bookworm begins shooting this month….

And from OJ.-land comes word that Los Angeles police detective Tom Lange, 51, one of the two lead cops on the Simpson case (with his now-retired partner Philip Vannatter), is himself retiring from the force later this month after nearly 29 years. Lange plans to become a private investigator.