July 22, 1996 12:00 PM


The Duchess of York, the former Sarah Ferguson, may be showing up soon on American TV, and if she has her way, she’ll have her ex-sister-in-law Princess Diana in tow. That’s right, folks. On the heels of Fergie’s book contract with Simon & Schuster and discussions with Bloomingdale’s about designing a line of children’s clothing (PEOPLE, July 8) comes word that her reps at International Creative Management are now talking to CBS about Fergie’s hosting a Barbara Walters-like TV special. Although CBS refused to confirm or deny it, the idea is, I’m told, for Fergie to land an interview with Diana and then fill out the show with perhaps two other celebrities. Of course, getting a commitment from Di, even if Fergie begs, should prove a sticky wicket. Not to mention that the Princess of Wales ends up accepting the $15 million to $30 million divorce settlement that Prince Charles offered her earlier this month, it will be verboten for her to gab about her marriage to him….

Singer Garth Brooks wants to moonlight in the movies. Brooks was interested in a role in Tin Cup, starring Kevin Costner, and met with director Ron Shelton, but the part of Costner’s buddy went to Cheech Marin. Brooks’s production company, Red Strokes Entertainment, has already signed deals at 20th Century Fox and TriStar. At both studios, Brooks will serve as producer on various projects he has in development, some of which he may act in if there’s a role that fits him….

It’s no accident that Reggie Warrington is the name of the standup comic (played by Dave Chappelle) who gets verbally humiliated by Eddie Murphy’s character in The Nutty Professor. Reginald and Warrington are the first names, respectively, of the Hudlin brothers, director and producer of Murphy’s Boomerang (1992). Apparently, members of Murphy’s creative team had differences with the Hudlins while making Boomerang and were looking for payback in Nutty. Choosing the high road, Warrington Hudlin responds, “Boomerang was a successful artistic collaboration between myself, my brother and Eddie, and I know Eddie was pleased with it.”…

So you wanna be in pictures? The next time you run into director Garry Marshall, tell him you’re an actor and hand him your résumé. He just may audition you on the spot. Think I’m kidding? Thirteen such hopefuls won roles in Marshall’s next movie, Dear God, after strutting their stuff for him last fall while he was on the road promoting his autobiography, Wake Me When It’s Funny. Dear God, with Greg Kinnear, is due out in November….

Demi Moore, while in Florida recently shooting G.I. Jane, had her trainer order up a $2,500 StairMaster 4400 from the Gym Source, a New York City exercise equipment store. Moore’s people agreed to pick up the Federal Express bill for overnight delivery to G.I.’s Florida location. But FedEx was 12 hours late in getting it to her, so the company absolutely, positively wound up eating the $1,000 shipping fee. A spokeswoman for FedEx says, “Any customer can request a refund if a shipment is even one minute late.”

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