November 18, 1996 12:00 PM

Do not believe for a minute that Frank Sinatra’s hospital stay in Los Angeles is the result of a pinched nerve. Yes, the 80-year-old singer has been dealing with a pinched nerve for months, but he was brought to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Nov. 1 because he had suffered a slight heart attack and had come down with pneumonia. Still, Sinatra was so feisty the day he arrived that he pulled an IV out of his arm and cursed everyone around him. I’m told at press time that while the pneumonia has since been arrested, Sinatra continues to be watched very closely by both a heart specialist and a neurosurgeon. I even hear that with the exception of wife Barbara, Sinatra has had difficulty recognizing visitors, including, for a time, his daughter Nancy, who spent an entire night at the hospital last week….

From my Public Displays of Affection file: Jerry Seinfeld and girlfriend Shoshanna Lonstein nuzzling at a recent outdoor art fair in Beverly Hills. And Sean Penn and his wife, Robin Wright, passionately kissing before Bruce Springsteen’s Oct. 25 concert in Santa Barbara…

There was intrigue behind Roseanne’s Inside Edition up-close and personal interview with Mike Tyson, which was scheduled to air last week prior to Tyson’s Nov. 9 fight against Evander Holy field. As I understand it, Roseanne, a Tyson fan, first asked her longtime manager Sandy Gallin to pitch the idea of the interview to ABC and CBS. Although both networks were interested, talks broke off. At that point, Roseanne fired Gallin and went herself to King World, the syndicator of Inside Edition. And King World tells me that neither Tyson nor Roseanne, who hopes to do her own talk show someday, was paid for the interview….

Melanie Griffith probably knows this already, but her husband, Antonio Banderas, was recently photographed removing Argentine model Valeria Mazza’s stockings as she sat in front of him on a bed. Think I’m kidding? It absolutely happened—but only for an Oroblu Italian Hosiery commercial filmed in Europe. I hear Banderas and Mazza split $400,000 for the commercial, which will air only in Spain and Italy….

Rosie O’Donnell isn’t one to stand on ceremony. In L.A. to visit Madonna and little Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, and also to film some new Kmart commercials with Penny Marshall, Rosie ran into Paula Abdul on Oct. 25 as the singer was getting out of a limo in front of the Four Seasons Hotel. The two greeted each other warmly, and O’Donnell asked Abdul what she was doing there. Abdul said she was getting married at the hotel later that night and invited O’Donnell to come. Rosie said she would love to, and she did….

How is the Broadway musical Victor/Victoria being custom-tailored to new star Liza Minnelli, who will be taking over for Julie Andrews beginning on Jan. 7 for 32 performances, while Andrews is on vacation? Several new dance numbers are being added, says the show’s representative, “because Liza is such a strong dancer.” And at 50, she’s also 11 limber years younger than Andrews.

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