September 30, 1996 12:00 PM

Heidi Fleiss is in love.

The so-called Hollywood Madam, 30, who is awaiting sentencing for tax evasion and money-laundering, tells me that the latest object of her affection is businessman Bruce McNall, 46, ex-owner of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. In a bizarre coincidence, McNall may also face jail time when he is sentenced Oct. 31 for federal bank fraud. “I’m madly in love with him,” says Fleiss, adding that she would “like to have his kids.” How does McNall feel about this? His attorney Tom Pollack, speaking for the fallen hockey owner, says that although McNall does know Fleiss, “he isn’t dating her.” No matter. She can always revisit Frank Sinatra Jr., whom she reportedly went out with in 1994. Fleiss characterizes that relationship as “way more than platonic.” Way less out-spoken is Sinatra Jr., who says, “We are quite close. We talk often by phone.”…

Agents at United Talent Agency were pleasantly surprised when their new client, ER’s Anthony Edwards, bought each of the firm’s 15 agents a $500 mountain bike. The gesture followed UTA’s landing him a lead alongside Eric Roberts in CBS’s mini-series based on Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, airing in November. (Edwards will reprise the Dick Hickock role Scott Wilson had in the 1967 film version of Blood, which costarred Robert Blake.)…

It’s over for those Savannah sweethearts Robyn Lively, who plays reporter Lane MacKenzie on the WB prime-time soap, and David Gail, who plays cop Dean Collins. The two, a couple on the show, had been dating in real life too but just broke up. Their split won’t affect their pairing on the show, says a Savannah rep….

Ray Walston, who was the extraterrestrial star of TV’s My Favorite Martian, may turn up in a big-screen version of the ’60s show in a cameo. The project is in development at Disney, and the film’s producer Bob Shapiro tells me a role is being written with Walston in mind, but it definitely won’t be that of the Martian….

On the invitations that Carrie Fisher sent out for the Sept. 20 fund-raiser at her house in Beverly Hills for L.A. District Attorney Gil Garcetti, she left nothing to chance. Wrote Fisher, whose cohosts included prosecutor Marcia Clark [for more on other former Simpson trial figures, see page 48] and security expert Gavin de Becker: “If you can attend…

Ms. Fisher will rewrite your next script at a discount and [de Becker] will ensure your safety at a discount. If you don’t attend, [Clark] will allude terrible things about you in her upcoming book.”

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