By Mitchell Fink
January 29, 1996 12:00 PM


A family feud is brewing between Frank Sinatra and his daughters Nancy and Tina. Last month Capitol Records released the CD Live in Concert, a collection of the singer’s recent appearances. But several years ago, as part of his estate planning, Sinatra gave his children the future royalty income to many of his master recordings, and pledged he would not rerecord those songs. But on Live he did, and his daughters had an attorney put him and Capitol on notice that the agreement had been breached. Sources close to Sinatra say the singer is disgusted and outraged by his daughters’ legal maneuverings. Stay tuned….

In the wake of the relatively drab performance of his album HIStory, I hear that Michael Jackson is about to fire Sandy Gallin, his manager of five years, and replace him with one of his former managers, Frank DiLeo. DiLeo managed Jackson during the 1980s, when the singer enjoyed his greatest recording successes. Gallin says, “It’s news to me.”…

Burt Reynolds confirms that he and his girlfriend of five years, former Florida cocktail lounge manager Pam Seals, have broken up….

Sharon Stone recently spent several days at the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa in Maui. But rather than put her in just any luxury suite, the hotel’s owner Takeshi Sekiguchi, voluntarily installed Stone and her entourage in his own penthouse residence. To do so, Sekiguchi had to move out, along with his wife, Yumiko, and their young wheelchair-bound son, who suffers from muscular dystrophy. Stone’s rep says Sekiguchi maintains two residences at the hotel and that Stone vacationed in only one of them….

Richard Dreyfuss’s children Emily, 12, Ben, 9, and Harry, 5, got to go with Dad to the Galàpagos Islands, where he taped an as-yet-untitled PBS wildlife special. Meanwhile, Max Spielberg, 10, accompanied his father, Steven Spielberg, to Japan, where the director met with executives at Sega Enterprises Ltd. Think Max got to test a few new video games?