By Mitchell Fink
March 25, 1996 12:00 PM


Courtney Love, phone home. The lousy relationship between the punker and her father, Hank Harrison, a publishing executive in Elk Grove, Calif., who split with Love’s mother when Love was a child, isn’t likely to improve now that Harrison has supplied family photos for a new unauthorized biography of his daughter. Veteran rock journalist Melissa Rossi, author of Queen of Noise, due from Pocket Books on April 9, says Harrison turned over the exclusive shots of little Courtney “because he’s still angry that Courtney has never let him see his granddaughter Frances Bean.” (Frances’s father was the late Kurt Cobain.) Love’s spokeswoman says Harrison “has been making money off Courtney for years.”…

Already one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood at some $15 million per picture, Arnold Schwarzenegger recently pocketed another $1 million-plus for briefly stepping back into his most famous role, as the Terminator. He collected the check for appearing in a special 12-minute film, shot over two weeks, that will be the centerpiece of a $60 million T2 3-D attraction scheduled to open in May at Universal Studios, Florida, in Orlando….

Tom Cruise played hero for real the other night in Los Angeles. Driving home on March 4 after dinner with friends, he stopped to help a young woman who was lying hurt in the street. Heloisa Vinhas, a 22-year-old Brazilian cashier in a fast-food restaurant in L.A., had been injured in a hit-and-run accident. Cruise comforted her, holding an umbrella over her while others called an ambulance. “She wasn’t from L.A., didn’t have family, didn’t have any insurance, so [Cruise] came to the hospital and offered to pay her bill,” says a nurse who was in UCLA Medical Center’s emergency room when Vinhas was brought there. Vinhas was CAT-scanned, diagnosed with a broken left leg, stayed overnight and was released the next day—and Cruise picked up the nearly $7,000 tab. A week later, speaking through her hotel room door, she declined to discuss Cruise or her accident, saying, “I don’t want to be famous because someone did this for me. This came from his heart.”…

Just in case you’re keeping track, Sean Penn’s brief flirtation with supermodel Elle Macpherson is over, and sources tell me that he and actress Robin Wright (Forrest Gump), with whom he has a daughter, Dylan, 4, and a son, Hopper, 2, have begun talking possible reconciliation. The two, who became an item in 1990, never wed….

Producers on ABC’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman want Jon Tenney, hubby of the show’s costar Teri Hatcher, to play a villain on L&C. They’re talking, and if a deal goes through, Tenney, a regular on CBS’s new sitcom Good Company, would appear in three consecutive Superman episodes this spring….

At the end of the new movie Executive Decision, Kurt Russell’s character tries his best pickup line—”Do you like hockey?”—on a flight attendant played by Halle Berry. She replies, “Hockey? No, I only like baseball.” Berry, of course, just last month announced that she and her baseball star husband, Atlanta Braves right fielder David Justice, were divorcing. The film’s producer, Joel Silver, says he asked Berry, after hearing about her split, if she wanted to change the line. She said no. “Obviously,” says Silver, “she still likes baseball.”