August 28, 1995 12:00 PM


John McEnroe and his girlfriend, singer Patty Smyth, are expecting. According to a well-placed source, Smyth, 37, who learned she was pregnant a few weeks ago, may put her singing career on hold until the baby is born next year. McEnroe, 36, has three children with ex-wife Tatum O’Neal, 31, and Smyth has a 9-year-old daughter, Ruby, with former punk rocker Richard Hell. McEnroe and Smyth, who have been living together in both Los Angeles and New York City for almost a year, have no immediate plans to marry….

Sources tell me that agents for convicted murderer Susan Smith are trying to land a deal for a book that would tell her side of her terrible story. According to a proposal now circulating among editors in Manhattan, Smith “wants not to exonerate herself or plead her innocence,” but to generate money for “a family [hers] that has all but beggared itself trying to help her.” The proposal promises that Smith and her cowriter, author Teresa Kennedy, would include in the book “the handwritten letter from her stepfather admitting he sexually abused her” that he sent to Smith in prison on Father’s Day. Smith’s agent Nancy Yost wouldn’t comment on the project….

When we last left model Janice Dickinson, former girlfriend of Sylvester Stallone, she had just had cosmetic surgery performed on her eyes and forehead (PEOPLE, May 29). Now comes word that Dickinson, 40, who sports a 23-carat wedding ring courtesy of her husband of six months, L.A. businessman Albert Gersten, has continued her quest for the perfect body and has recently undergone a tummy tuck and breast implant surgery….

Then there’s Madonna, who works on her appearance the old-fashioned way—by exercising and dieting. I now hear that at the suggestion of her trainer, Madonna has turned to a diet higher in protein and lower in starch recommended by protein proselytizer Barry Sears in his book The Zone)….

Actress Christina Haag, one of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s girlfriends during their days at Brown University, has landed the starring role in The Mantis Murder, a low-budget detective spoof that began shooting earlier this month….

Meg Ryan threw a baby shower for Rosie O’Donnell on Aug. 8 at Ryan’s L.A. home. O’Donnell, 33, who is single, recently adopted a baby boy, Parker Jaren. Geena Davis and Carrie Fisher were also on hand….

Don’t ever accuse Uma Thurman of being cheap. After recently wrapping her starring role in The Truth About Cats and Dogs, a romantic comedy for Fox, Thurman bought each of her three assistants on the film an Erica Courtney-designed, $1,000 gold necklace similar to the one Thurman’s character wears in the movie….

Although they’re no longer one big happy family, Kevin Costner and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Cindy, were together at the Aug. 13 L.A. premiere of The Baby-sitters Club, in which their two daughters, Annie, 12, and Lily, 9, have small roles. Meanwhile, Costner, 40, seems to be enjoying the single life: A well-placed source says Costner and Good Morning America cohost Joan Lunden, 44, who took an evening cruise together around Manhattan recently, were planning to see each other again. Where this leaves Costner’s romance with designer Maria Snyder (PEOPLE, July 24), only Costner and Snyder know for sure.

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