December 18, 1995 12:00 PM


The new James Bond adventure, GoldenEye, was to open in France with a splashy premiere in Paris—until its star Pierce Brosnan weighed in. To protest French government testing of nuclear weapons in the South Pacific, Brosnan, who recently visited Tahiti, asked United International Pictures the French distributor of GoldenEye, to scrap plans for a paparazzi-packed debut. The company complied with his wishes and the film will open in Paris on Dec 20 without hoopla….

If you watch the comnuter-animated hit Toy Story carefully you may notice a few inside jokes As. As a surprise to Tim Allen, who performs the voice over for the toy action figure known as Buzz Lightyear, director John Lasseter put the Binford Tools is the name of the company that sponsors Tool Time, the show Allen’s character hosts on Home Improvement. Lasseter says that when Allen “realized what I had done, he burst out laughing.” Lasseter sneaked a few other things into the movie: The license plate on the family minivan is A113, the number of the animation room at California Institute of the Arts, where he and other filmmakers, including Tim Burton, learned their trade….

There have been recent newspaper reports that Steve Martin and Diane Keaton requested adjoining rooms at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington while in town for the Dec 3 taping of the Kennedy Center Honors gala The implication of course is that the costars of Father of the Bride Part II are romantically involved Well according to Martin’s rep, Keaton wasn’t even in Washington that weekend, and the two are not an item….

Scan the audience during Frank Sinatra’s 80th-buthday special, airing Dec. 14, on ABC and you may see model Cheryl Tiegs sitting next to her estranged husband, Anthony Peck. The two, separated since January, attended the No. 19 taping together. But in the words of Barbara Shapiro, Tiegs’ assistant, the famous model and the son of Gregory Peck “have not reconciled, and are not going to reconcile.” Shapiro says the pair went to the show together “only as friends.”

On the Dec. 12 episode of The John Larroquette Show, the boyfriend of ex-prostitute Carly Watkins played by Gigi Rice is Rice’s real-life husband Ted McGinley who is normally seen as Al Bundy’s neighbor on Married…With Children….

For years panhandlers around Hollywood have been holding up cardboard signs reading “Will work for food.” But during my last trip there, I saw a man in Santa Monica with a tin cup and a sign that read simply, “No Talent.” In L.A., there can be no sadder admission.

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