September 11, 1995 12:00 PM


Jim Carrey has inked another multimillion-dollar deal. But this time he’s the one paying out. The word is that just days before a scheduled trial date at the end of August, Carrey and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Melissa quietly agreed on a divorce settlement two years after separating. She was asking for $7 million; he was offering $500,000 plus $25,000 per month in alimony and child support for the couple’s 8-year-old daughter, Jane. A source close to the negotiations says the star finally relented and gave his ex a sum very close to what she was seeking. Anything else would have looked pretty stingy in light of the two-movie deal for $20 million each that Carrey made in recent months….

Summer love? Cameron Diaz, the model turned actress who costarred with Carrey in The Mask, is said to have gone out on a few dates with ER hunk George Clooney….

Just when you thought the O.J. Simpson saga couldn’t get any stranger, last month O.J. pal Al Cowlings accompanied Nicole Brown Simpson’s family to a dance recital at which O.J. and Nicole’s daughter Sydney, 9, performed. Cowlings, who has remained friendly with the Browns, is the child’s godfather. She was listed in the program as Sydney Brown….

Also on the Simpson front, Luke Skywalker has finally given in to the dark side. Mark Hamill is an O.J. junkie who watches the trial often. So he was ecstatic when he won a coveted seat in the courtroom (after writing to Judge Lance Ito) for an afternoon last month. Hamill is researching a comedy suspense film he’s developing that centers on a court reporter….

Is Bruce Springsteen going Hollywood? First he won a Best Song Oscar for “Streets of Philadelphia,” his maiden effort at composing something original for a movie, Philadelphia. Now, the rocker has written a new song for The Crossing Guard, a drama directed by Sean Penn and starring Jack Nicholson, which opens in November. And the Boss is considering doing songs for another Penn movie, Dead Man Walking. This one, due in December, stars Penn and Susan Sarandon and was directed by her steady, Tim Robbins. Robbins and Sarandon are longtime friends of Springsteen’s….

Despite remaining almost totally paralyzed from his riding accident last May, Christopher Reeve, it seems, still hopes to direct his first feature film. The $5 million movie Tell Me True, about a man who knows when people are lying, was supposed to go into production with Reeve at the helm this fall. Producer Keith Samples, who says he has talked to Reeve’s agent—who, in turn, has communicated with the actor—says that it is still everyone’s goal for Reeve eventually to direct the movie. “If he feels he’s capable, that’s good enough for us,” says Samples, adding that Reeve never intended to star in the film….

And, finally, though David Letter-man and Jay Leno have both taken their talk shows on the road—to L.A. and London (Dave) and Las Vegas and New York City (Jay)—the farthest Conan O’Brien has traveled is around Manhattan on a boat. So he’s beseeching NBC to let him go home this season to Boston, where he plans on visiting his old high school (Brookline High) and college (Harvard). Hey, NBC, this could be really cheap if O’Brien took the train and bunked with his folks.

Mitchell Fink is on vacation.

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