February 13, 1995 12:00 PM


Robert Wolders, who was Audrey Hepburn’s lover for the last 12 years of her life, is now romancing Leslie Caron. A source tells us that the Dutch-born Wolders, 59, and the French actress, 63, have been an item for several months and are now vacationing together in the Hamptons.

Wolders, a businessman, was married to movie star Merle Oberon from 1975 until her death in 1979. Caron has been thrice married and was involved with Warren Beatty in the mid-’60s. Her next movie, Let It Be Me, co-starring Patrick Stewart and Campbell Scott, opens in the fall of 1995.


John F. Kennedy Jr. had been in the habit of bringing Sam, his German shepherd, with him to the midtown Manhattan office building that houses George, the political magazine Kennedy is helping to launch. That is, until the unleashed dog chased a woman in a nearby office down the hallway and, she says, lunged at her. Kennedy, who managed to grab Sam before he had a chance to snap, apologized to the woman.

Unmollified, the woman sent a letter to Kennedy’s office requesting that Sam no longer be permitted “to go unleashed in a public hallway.” We hear that no one has spotted Sam—hide nor hair—since the incident.


How many people does it take to color Sharon Stone’s hair? Ten—one colorist to do the job and nine members of her entourage to watch.

That was the scene late last month when colorist Matthew Boger made a call at Stone’s house in L.A. to turn the actress into a brunette for her role as a death-row inmate in Touchstone Pictures’ Last Dance. The movie begins shooting in early March, but Boger says Stone wants to “transition from blonde to mud-brown brunette” gradually, so she is temporarily sporting locks that are “auburn brown with warm red highlights.”


Dan Rather refuses to be drawn into a tussling match with O.J. Simpson. “Dan Rather hurt me,” says Simpson in his new book, I Want to Tell You. Simpson slams Rather for reporting, on the night of the Bronco chase, that there had been eight or nine earlier reports of domestic spousal abuse from the Simpson household. “Where the hell does that number nine come from?” Simpson asks, urging Rather, “Just do a little research and you’ll find the truth.” (Actually, the numbers were widely quoted in the press.)

In reply to the book, Rather says only, “The record shows that CBS News has demonstrated the highest integrity in its coverage of Mr. Simpson, Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.”

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