By Mitchell Fink
June 19, 1995 12:00 PM


In Boy George’s recent autobiography, Take It Like a Man, the British singer states that his ideal sexual fantasy “would be a Sean Penn type, aggressive, passionate, jealous and protective.” Much of Man, No. 2 on the British best-seller lists but not out here until September, deals with the homosexual singer’s obsession with both his own sexual orientation and nearly everyone else’s. George, whose real name is George O’Dowd, writes in the book that when he asked Madonna whether she was a lesbian, the Material Girl punched him in the arm, cursed at him and announced, in the vernacular, that she’s not. George describes actor Matt Dillon as “looking more scrumptious than any piece of crispy bacon,” and recalls that George’s manager, Tony Gordon, once received a call from Michael Jackson’s then manager, Frank Dileo, who claimed Jackson was upset that George had allegedly called him gay in an American newspaper….

Speaking of Jackson, that was he disguised as Dracula at a costume ball last month sponsored by Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. The event, at a hotel in Los Angeles, was held during a convention for fans of film and TV horror and sci-fi. When Jackson, rehearsing on a nearby sound-stage, heard that Al Lewis, Grandpa on TV’s The Munsters, was at the convention, he sent a limo and word that he wanted to meet him. After their chat, Lewis said, “He’s a mensch.”….

Is something up with the four-year relationship between Michael Keaton and Courteney Cox Arquette? I’m hearing that his pals in L.A. have been trying to fix him up with another woman….

Sylvester Stallone’s new fiancée, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED model Angie Everhart, had a sudden change of mind during the making of David Caruso’s next film, Jade, in which she plays a prostitute. Everhart had agreed to do a scene in which her naked corpse lay atop a coroner’s table, but modesty set in, and director William Fried-kin agreed to her request for a body double….

The Mambo Kings’ Armand Assante has flown to Ireland to take over a leading role in a TV movie of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped from the injured Christopher Reeve….

Actress Rebecca De Mornay, 32, escorted her new beau, actor Young Patrick O’Neal, 27, son of Ryan O’Neal and Leigh Taylor-Young, to the party after the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in L.A. De Mornay was previously involved with singer Leonard Cohen….

Despite CBS denials, the word is that Bette Midler, who starred in a CBS movie of the Broadway musical Gypsy in 1993, is now talking with the network about doing Mame….

And finally, it wasn’t so much that Brad Pitt and his actress girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow, attended Melissa Etheridge’s recent 34th-birthday party in L.A. Or that stars including Elizabeth Perkins, Moon Zappa and Ellen DeGeneres did too. Or even that a tattoo artist was there for guests. The party’s crowning moment came when Etheridge’s live-in lover, director Julie Cypher, took off her blouse and danced topless, and a couple of dozen other women followed her lead.