By Mitchell Fink
June 12, 1995 12:00 PM


How far will some stars go to promote their movies? In Pamela Anderson‘s case, very far. Anderson, whose debut movie is a futuristic thriller titled Barb Wire, recently had her upper left arm tattooed with a ring of barbed wire. A rep from Anderson’s regular TV gig, Baywatch, says that nothing in Anderson’s contract with the show prevents her from showing up for work sporting a tattoo. “She comes back [to Baywatch] on July 10,” says the rep. “We’ll address the issue of her new tattoo when and if we have to.”…

Model Cheryl Tiegs, 47, has just filed for divorce from her husband, actor Anthony Peck, 38, having separated from him in January. Among the men she is now dating is investment adviser Michael Klein, a business partner of Lee Iacocca. Klein, 47, is the son of Eugene Klein, late owner of pro football’s San Diego Chargers. Peck’s dad is actor Gregory Peck….

When Al Pacino and his girlfriend, Australian director Lyndall Hobbs, recently moved out of the apartment they were sharing in Manhattan, they left behind a master bedroom decorated entirely—walls, ceiling and floor—in black. According to a former neighbor in the building, the next occupants “had the darndest time getting all that black out.”…

Andie MacDowell was boasting at the Cannes Film Festival that she has lost 20 pounds on a macrobiotic diet since the birth of her 7-month-old daughter, Sarah Margaret, last October….

Cindy Crawford and Billy Baldwin were nearly naked together in a bathtub in Los Angeles recently. Before you start spreading any stories, the duo were being photographed for an upcoming cover of Detour magazine to hype their movie Fair Game, a thriller opening Aug. 11….

Does Anne Rice know about this? Susan Dey, of L.A. Law fame, will play a vampire in a movie for Lifetime Television due to air around Halloween. For her bloodsucking turn, Dey will wear little special makeup beyond trick contact lenses and enhanced teeth….

At a recent Broadway performance of The Rose Tattoo, starring Mercedes Ruehl and Anthony LaPaglia, an usher was stunned when nosy theatergoer Barbra Streisand asked her how much money she made. Before making her own Broadway debut in I Can Get It for You Wholesale in 1962, Streisand herself worked as an usher, earning $4.20 per show. Today the unionized ushers make $31.20 per show….

Producer Norman Lear’s plans for a weekly TV talk show with poet Maya Angelou as host (PEOPLE, Feb. 6) have collapsed over Angelou’s balking at signing a standard five-year contract. Lear says Angelou, who was willing to sign for a year, “never anticipated” that a weekly show would require such a long contract, “and I never thought to mention it to her.” The two are now hoping to have Angelou front a series of specials….

And finally, for all you O.J. Simpson trial junkies who can’t face those long weekend recesses, check this out: It’s the O.J. Trial of the Century Cruise, a one-time only L.A.-to-Baja, Mexico, weekend package, Sept. 8-11, on the Carnival Cruise Lines. The cruise will offer panel discussions, legal experts, games and trrvia contests, all keyed to the O.J. trial.