January 16, 1995 12:00 PM


Although Jim Carrey took home $7 million for starring in Dumb and Dumber, sources tell us that costar Jeff Daniels, who signed for the part after Rob Lowe and others took a pass, was paid in the half-million range. He will, however, benefit from escalator clauses in his contract that are tied to the hit movie’s performance.

While Daniels probably won’t be cashing in on a sequel—there are currently no plans to make one—the feeling in Hollywood is that his asking price will go up for being smart enough to do Dumb. “Daniels didn’t sell any seats like Carrey,” says one savvy agent source, “but he will share in the upside because he delivered, and the industry will appreciate him for that.”


On Christmas Day, Jeff Goldblum gave girlfriend Laura Dern a truly special gift—a proposal of marriage. Dern, 27, accepted. Goldblum, 42, did it the old-fashioned way: He first asked Laura’s father, actor Bruce Dern, for permission to make his pitch.

The couple, who met while filmingjurassic Park, have yet to set a wedding date. It will be his third marriage (wife No. 2 was Geena Davis) and her first.


Jill Goodacre made her name modeling Victoria’s Secret undergarments, but that doesn’t keep husband Harry Connick Jr. from buying from the competition. Our spies spotted Connick purchasing a bra and panties—we assume it was for Jill—at La Perla, an upscale ($80-plus bras) Italian lingerie shop in Manhattan.

Connick’s rep is sure the undies were for Jill. “He’s a very faithful guy,” says the rep, adding jokingly, “I can’t imagine they’d be for him.”


Although Bruce Willis has a major supporting role in Nobody’s Fool, the new Paul Newman movie, he is billed neither in the opening credits nor the ads. How come? An agent familiar with Willis’s deal says the actor’s low profile was “out of respect for Newman” and a desire “not to mislead the audience into thinking this was a Bruce Willis movie.” A Paramount spokesman says that it was understood from the start by all involved that Willis would not be credited.

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