August 01, 1994 12:00 PM


The next time you see Paul McCartney, he may be sporting a beard. Incensed to learn that Gillette uses live animals in the testing of its new products, the vegetarian singer, 52, and his wife, Linda, have sent some Gillette-made items, including McCartney’s shaving gear, back to the manufacturer.

In a letter to Gillette CEO Alfred Zeien, McCartney wrote, “Enclosed please find my Gillette razor, shaving cream [and other Gillette products], Papermate pens and Liquid Paper. As a friend of animals, I am not only unsatisfied but outraged.” The ex-Beatle asked for a refund, which he would donate to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Though Zeien has yet to respond, he answered a previous protest stating, “All tests are conducted humanely and conducted within federal guidelines and the law.”


Ah, fame! Still fresh in our minds is the image of O.J. Simpson’s lawyer Robert Shapiro signing autographs outside the courtroom. Now, Howard Weitzman, the lawyer who preceded Shapiro on the Simpson case, has been approached by an agent looking to broaden Weitzman’s base. According to sources, the agent is pitching Weitzman (who still represents Michael Jackson in his defense against allegations of child molestation) as an author, a talk show host and a network commentator on legal matters.

Weitzman, 54, confirms that he has agreed to let an agent test the waters, but adds that although he doesn’t “intend to give up my day job, I would be curious to hear any offers.”


Bobby Czyz, the only professional pugilist ever to be a member of the high-IQ group MENSA, says boxing enthusiast Tony Danza may want to play him in an upcoming TV movie. Danza, 43, who is back on his feet following a near-crippling injury in a skiing accident last winter, will no doubt be in attendance when Czyz, 32, fights David Izeqwire for the IBO cruiserweight title on Aug. 4 at Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, Conn. But Danza may have another motive for being there. The actor manages Johnny Bizzarro, who will be fighting on the undercard for the IBO welterweight championship.

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