December 12, 1994 12:00 PM


A divorce for Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford may soon be more than just a rumor. According to a source close to the couple, the split is “imminent,” and the official announcement could come “any day now.”

Our source tells us that though in September Gere was “desperate” to persuade Crawford to remain in the relationship, by November Gere had changed his mind and “decided he too wanted out.” We understand that he then presented Crawford with a financial agreement for their separation that, our source says, “Cindy was unwilling to sign, until now.”

Neither Crawford’s nor Gere’s representatives would comment on the situation.


Speaking of splitting, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley have gone on with their lives since they divorced in August—she is engaged to real estate developer Rick Taubman, and he has been dating artist Carolyn Beegan. Nonetheless, the onetime power couple is still in the process of dividing up all that they accumulated during their nine-year marriage.

A source tells us that, as part of the divorce settlement, the singer recently paid the supermodel $5 million for her portion of the house they shared for eight years in Amagansett, N.Y. Joel, who sources say has no intention of selling the place, has been in Australia performing for the last few weeks. During that time, a source tells us, Beegan has been spotted in the Hamptons “driving around town in Billy’s green Mercedes.”


At the moment, Tim Allen is Disney’s hottest property. His hit TV series, Home Improvement, is a Disney co-production. His best-selling book, Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man, was published by Hyperion, another Disney division. And his new movie, The Santa Clause, which has already grossed more than $70 million since it opened Nov. 11, is Walt Disney Pictures’ surprise Christmas present.

So, naturally, the company wants to keep its star happy. Recently, Disney executives told Allen they would like to show their appreciation by “doing something” for him in the way of a gift. Allen jokingly responded that “a $75,000 Porsche” would do just fine. The studio took him at his word and within days delivered a brand-new Porsche to his door. Allen tells us that he’s “extremely appreciative” of Disney’s gesture.

The film’s director, John Pasquin, didn’t fare quite as well as his star, but he too is getting a nice little thank-you from Disney. The studio is sending Pasquin and his family on an all-expenses-paid one-week Christmas vacation to Maui.

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