By Mitchell Fink
Updated November 28, 1994 12:00 PM


Romances that begin on a movie set rarely last long enough to survive until the release of the picture, and we hear that comedian Jim Carrey’s relationship with his Dumb and Dumber co-star Lauren Holly, is no exception. The movie, about two stupid guys who follow the girl of their dreams to Aspen, comes out in December, but the five-month love affair between the 32-year-old Mask star and Holly, 29, of Picket Fences, is already over. Sources close to Holly, who is divorced, and Carrey, who is in the process of getting divorced, can’t cite a specific reason for the breakup.

Representatives for both Carrey and Holly declined to comment on their clients’ personal lives.


Remember that Hanukkah-themed special Roseanne was planning to produce and star in for ABC? She and the network recently set the project aside, saying there was not enough time to do it.

It seems, though, that some of the creative people she hired—writers, producer and staff—have yet to be paid. Their deals with Roseanne and ABC, according to a source, were all “pay or play,” meaning that they were supposed to collect their money even if the project was canceled. While some of those hired by Roseanne under such deals have already settled with her at 60 cents on the dollar, others have not and will pursue the matter, says the source, “until full amounts are received.”

A representative for Roseanne says that she still intends to do a Hanukkah special “at some point.”


Country music’s recent tribute to the Eagles, Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles, has sold over 3 million copies since being released in October 1993—and its success hasn’t gone unnoticed in Nashville.

Now country artists are gearing up for more big-name tributes: one for the Beatles, one for Bob Dylan and one for the Rolling Stones. Unlike Common Thread, which was done as a benefit for Walden Woods, these new efforts will simply be commercial releases.

Nashville producer Jimmy Bowen has already recorded tracks with Tanya Tucker (“Something”), Randy Travis (“Nowhere Man”), Willie Nelson (“One After 909”) and Tim McGraw (“With a Little Help from My Friends”) for the Beatles tribute album that will be released early next year on Liberty Records. Interscope Records has made a deal to do a country album of Dylan songs, though the project is still in the planning stages. And the Stones are discussing executive-producing a country album of their material, also with Liberty.

Why the rush to capitalize on the trail blazed by Common Thread? Says one longtime music exec: “It’s typical of the music business. Find a good thing, then burn it out.”