November 22, 1993 12:00 PM


Supermodel Christy Turlington wants the world to know that she would rather go naked than wear fur. That’s why she recently posed in the buff for a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) billboard that will be unveiled next month over the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

Turlington is the first celebrity to pose nude for PETA since the Go-Go’s did a similar shot for a 1990 tour poster. PETA is planning a second I’d-rather-go-naked billboard to be installed in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and possibly England. The model for that one, says the PETA rep, will be none other than Kim Basinger.


We understand that Barbra Streisand won’t be getting anywhere near the previously reported $20 million for her eagerly awaited New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day performances at the new MGM Grand resort in Las Vegas—and, according to a source, she will have to absorb the costs of mounting the production to boot. The source, who is familiar with Streisand’s contract with the resort, says the singer will receive $10 million in what is described as “a four-wall deal,” meaning that the hotel gives her the premises, and she pays all costs for putting on the show out of her $10 million fee.

Streisand’s manager, Marly Erlichman, will not confirm or deny any figures. He says, however, that Streisand “is spending her own money to videotape both shows” for possible future broadcast. Erlichman stresses that no TV deal has been made yet, adding that he has eliminated the live payper-view option. When a deal is made, he says, “it will be either with a network or a cable outlet.”


John Stamos was in New York City when he learned that his Malibu home was threatened by the firestorm that consumed much of that exclusive community. Wanting to save what he could, the Full House star called his housekeeper and asked her to carry some of his most treasured possessions to safety.

What topped the list? Videotapes of Stamos during his days as Blackie on the ABC soap (General Hospital and a photo autographed for Stamos by Sammy Davis Jr. Luckily, the fire only came within 1,000 yards of Stamos’s house. He says that he saw his home on TV several times during the news, adding, “It was surreal.”

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