November 07, 1994 12:00 PM


His legal bills, his children’s trust fund and other expenses have “virtually depleted” O.J. Simpson’s estimated $10 million fortune, according to his attorney Robert Shapiro. But even as O.J. sits in L.A. county jail, awaiting the start of his murder trial, he is reportedly mulling several schemes that might help replenish his bank account.

For example, a Boston-based lawyer who represents Simpson in business matters has begun querying book publishers about an O.J. book. Not a tell-all autobiography, mind you, but a writing exercise, one source says, in which Simpson would select 50 questions put to him in the thousands of fan letters he has received in jail, “and then answer each one of them in the book.” The source adds that the book might also include a Simpson interview—”provided the interviewer is a business associate of O.J.’s.” In other words, no hardball questions, please. The current asking price for this book: $500,000.


Move over, Richard Gere. The Dalai Lama has a new friend in Sharon Stone, who will be seen Nov. 6 at the Big Feast on the Beach in South Miami promoting one of the Dalai Lama’s stated goals, the preservation of Tibetan culture. Stone is taking part that day in a special Cook for Peace and plans to prepare deysee, a monastery sweet rice served with plain yogurt. Her recipe will eventually be included in a projected Tibetan cookbook. According to her spokesperson, Stone became seriously interested in the Tibetan leader and his Himalayan homeland in 1993, when she and Gere crossed paths while costarring in the movie Intersection. Gere himself won’t be at the Miami fund-raiser. He’s off in London shooting First Knight, a romantic adventure based on the King Arthur legend.


Actress Gabrielle Anwar, best known for the sensuous 7-minute tango she did with Al Pacino in 1992’s Scent of a Woman, is stepping out these days with a new man. Anwar, 24, recently ended a relationship with an actor she has steadfastly refused to name, the father of her year-old daughter, Willow, and is now romantically involved with actor Craig Sheffer, 34, who played Brad Pitt‘s older brother in the film A River Runs Through It.

Sheffer and Anwar are presently in Queensland, Australia, where they are costarring with Don Johnson in Fiddler’s Green, a fact-based military drama for HBO. A source tells us that Anwar’s relationship with Sheffer “predates” the HBO project, which began shooting Oct. 17.

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