September 12, 1994 12:00 PM


Reports that Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson recently underwent cosmetic surgery to enhance her breasts and reduce her thighs are not true—at least according to her plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Terino of Agoura Hills, Calif. In an exclusive interview, Terino told us that he did indeed treat Michael Jackson’s bride recently, but he insists that the work had nothing to do with her changing the look of her breasts or thighs. “Lisa Marie basically just wanted me to revise a scar from an old appendectomy. And we did that. We did it on a Saturday afternoon to try to keep confidential security,” says Terino, adding that only he, a nurse and an anesthesiologist were in attendance.


Was it merely a coincidence that Paula Barbieri’s recent—and well photographed—visit with jailed boyfriend O.J. Simpson happened to dovetail with the publication of her photo spread in Playboy and the completion of her new thriller The Dangerous?

Well, a rep at Westside Studios, which is producing Dangerous and still looking for a U.S. distributor for the film, says the timing of Barbieri’s visit was “perfect” but unplanned. According to the rep, no one at the studio knew of the visit, much less intended to use it for publicity purposes. And, the rep adds, “when we started shooting the film, which was before June 12 [the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered], we had no idea Paula was even O.J.’s girlfriend.”


Barbra Streisand, whose highly acclaimed concert tour was capped by her Aug. 21 HBO concert special—the cable channel’s highest-rated special ever—may not be finished touring after all.

A source close to Streisand tells us that the 52-year-old singer has agreed to perform another two shows in Japan. The source says Japanese promoters lured Streisand with a lucrative $13 million offer, plus expenses, for the two performances. They also agreed to donate $500,000 to the nonprofit Barbra Streisand Foundation.

Streisand’s longtime manager Marty Erlichman left for Japan on Aug. 26 to work out all the details, including dates for the shows.

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