February 28, 1994 12:00 PM


It’s a boy! Earlier this month, Warren Beatty, 56, and Annette Bening, 35, announced that they were ex-peeling a second child. At the time, no mention was made regarding the sex of the baby. Now we hear from a source that the couple’s first child, Kathlyn, 2, will indeed be joined by a little brother. A rep for the family would say only that the baby “is due this summer.”

In the meantime, Beatty, Bening and Kathlyn have taken up residence at the Bel-Air Hotel while their Los Angeles home, which was badly damaged in the Jan. 17 earthquake, is undergoing repairs.


Oscar-winner Sally Field, 47, and her second husband, Alan Greisman, 46, a top executive for Savoy Pictures, have separated after nine years of marriage. According to a source, Greisman has already purchased his own home in the L.A. area. The couple have one child together, Sam, 6.

Field was to have made her directing debut next year with a film about a middle-aged woman who must deal with putting her mother in a nursing home. But the movie, tentatively called Garden of Palms, was supposed to be produced by Savoy. How the split will affect the project is yet to be determined.


Jim Carrey is suddenly the Hollywood star du jour: His Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is the country’s unlikely No. 1 box-office hit two weeks in a row, grossing nearly $25 million at a reported cost of only $11 million.

Now the 32-year-old Carrey is being swamped with scripts, and a sequel to Ace Ventura is already in the works. Furthermore, there’s a good buzz in Hollywood surrounding Carrey’s next film, The Mask, a comic fantasy due this summer.

Nonetheless, Carrey insists that he’s not about to launch a full-time movie career just yet. He has signed on for another season—his sixth—of In Living Color.


What do Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Martin Short, Brett Butler and Roseanne Arnold have in common? They are all scheduled to be guests on NBC’s retooled version of Later, whose host will be Greg Kinnear.

The wise-cracking Kin-near debuts his Later (formerly helmed by Bob Costas) on Feb. 28 in the wee hours after Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Perhaps mindful of the high mortality rate among talk shows these days, Kinnear will not give up his gig as host of E! Entertainment Television’s Talk Soap.

Unlike Costas, Kinnear will tape the new half-hour show before a live audience in a renovated 120-seat studio in Burbank. He plans to open the program most nights with (surprise) a “news-item montage”—his version of a monologue.

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