By Mitchell Fink
Updated June 06, 1994 12:00 PM


It looks as if Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson are really calling it quits. You’ll remember that in March she filed for divorce, only to change her mind hours later. It turns out, though, according to Elliot Mintz, who reps both parties, that the divorce papers “were never withdrawn,” and the divorce action remains “in play.”

Though the couple own a home in Beverly Hills and a ranch in Aspen, Griffith, 36, recently rented another house in Aspen, says Mintz, after it was “recommended in marital therapy that some space between Melanie and Don might improve their marriage. Sadly, it has not.”

Of course, Johnson, 44, and Griffith could get back together. Let’s not forget, these people have already married each other twice. But according to Mintz, they are “continuing to drift apart.”


Don’t look for Barbara Walters to do a jailhouse interview with Erik Menendez on ABC’s 20/20 any time soon. Though Walters was interested in interviewing Menendez—and even met with him recently in the L.A. County jail to discuss the matter—a source tells us that Walters backed away from the idea after Menendez’s lawyer, Leslie Abramson, “wanted to set all the ground rules, and Barbara would have none of it.”

Walters’ office wouldn’t discuss the matter, saying only that there will be “no upcoming interview” with Menendez.


Circle Oct. 1 on your calendar—that’s the day, according to Whoopi Goldberg’, that she and her 40-year-old fiancé, union organizer Lyle Trachtenberg, will celebrate their engagement with a party in Los Angeles. Anticipating the occasion, Goldberg, 44, has already registered at Geary’s, the exclusive Beverly Hills china-and-crystal shop.

What type of gifts is she hoping for? According to a Geary’s rep, Goldberg has registered for 12 settings of the following items: Art Deco by Ricci, a sterling silver pattern at $560 per setting; City Chic by Lenox, a $400-a-setting china pattern; Cazenovia champagne toasting flutes ($250 each). She has also chosen a set of salad plates, each with a floral pattern representing a month of the year ($52). Her favorites are April, October and November.

What doesn’t Whoopi want? A store rep says she was emphatic: “No picture frames.”

As for the wedding, no date has been set.