May 30, 1994 12:00 PM


Sharon Stone is considered a big enough star in Hollywood these days to have rated her own security guard as a perk during the recent filming of the Sylvester Stallone action movie The Specialist in Miami.

But sources tell us problems arose when the guard, who once worked for the Nixon Administration, asked Stone for a few days off last month to attend Richard Nixon’s funeral in Yorba Linda, Calif. We hear Stone told him that if he went, he’d be fired. The guard ignored the warning and went anyway.

Needless to say, the bodyguard’s tenure quickly ended. When we called the actress for comment, her spokesperson would say only that the man had “resigned.”


On May 10, after being arrested for possession of marijuana near Waco, Texas, and then released on a $500 bond, singer Willie Nelson headed home to Austin. But rather than sink into his couch and try to forget his troubles, the five-time Grammy winner went right to work.

The job at hand: recording his part of a duet with Frank Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes had already recorded his vocal track of “My Way,” so Nelson did his part at home in his own recording studio. The Sinatra-Nelson version of “My Way” represents the first completed track for Sinatra’s follow-up album to his 1993 hit, Duets. No word yet on who else will be performing with the Chairman of the Board on Duets II.


We’re told that when Bar-bra Streisand arrived in London in April for her concert tour, she spotted a billboard on the way in from Heathrow Airport heralding her upcoming performances as “the event of the decade.” According to sources, Streisand wondered aloud whether “event of a lifetime” might be more appropriate.

Soon after, someone with connections to the London office of Sony Music, Streisand’s record label, climbed up to the billboard, crossed out “decade” and spray-painted on “lifetime.” One of the billboard’s owners, however, unaware of the circumstances surrounding the alteration, subsequently ordered the vandalized sign changed back to its original wording.

Streisand representatives deny she had anything to do with the altered sign, and a rep for Sony Music declined comment. But a spokesman for More O’Ferrall Adshel Ltd, the site owner, did confirm, “Yes, we put the poster up. Yes, it was graffitied. Yes, we replaced it.”

And, with Streisand back in the U.S. to continue her tour, the sign has been changed once again: It’s now an ad for Toyota.

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