By Mitchell Fink
Updated May 09, 1994 12:00 PM


Improbable as it may seem. Drew Barrymore‘s marriage to Jeremy Thomas may turn out to be as brief as the couple’s recent six-week courtship. The 19-year-old costar of Bad Girls wed the 31-year-old Welsh-born bar owner in Los Angeles just over a month ago, but we hear that she’s already had a change of heart. Sources say that she is now living separately from Thomas and intends, according to one source, “to file for divorce.” But stay tuned: In a Tom & Roseanne world, anything can happen.


Speaking of Roseanne, we’re told she recently butted heads with Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner, producers of the TV series Roseanne.

The trouble began when Roseanne wanted to go to Manhattan to film a scene for the show’s season finale. The star approached Carsey and Werner and asked that she and Tom Arnold be flown east by private jet. The producers refused, suggesting the Arnolds fly first-class on a commercial airliner. Hardly the response that Roseanne expected. Her reaction, according to sources, was to order up an extravagant lunch on the final day of production in L.A., complete with ribs, chicken and lobster for the en-lire crew, a feast that sources say “went two hours over” the scheduled union meal time, costing Carsey-Werner thousands of dollars.

Roseanne’s rep maintains that a request for a private plane should not be construed as unusual, since “most of this town flies around in private jets anyway.” A Carsey-Werner spokesman would not respond to questions about the plane, but did put a slightly different spin on the luncheon story. He acknowledges that the ribs and lobster “were a request from Roseanne,” but stresses that the meal caused the taping of the show to be “only 15 minutes late.”

The final irony: The Manhattan scenes were ultimately shot in L.A.


Shannen Doherty, 23, may be fresh from filing for divorce from Ashley Hamilton, 19, but she’s certainly not sitting home alone brooding about where her five-month marriage went wrong. Doherty is already back on the dating track and even has a new beau—writer-director Rob Weiss, 26, who made a promising film debut in 1993 with Amongst Friends. According to numerous sources, Doherty and Weiss have been dating since the end of March.


How’s this for a blockbuster package? Robert Redford, Jodie foster and director Ridley Scott (Alien) are expected to join forces this summer to make Crisis in the Hot Zone, a film based on the true story of a team of Army doctors and scientists and their attempts to contain a deadly virus. Foster would play Lt. Col. Nancy Jaax, who investigated the 1989 outbreak of a mysterious virus near Washington similar to one that devastated 55 African villages in 1976. Redford would portray Karl Johnson, a virologist who helped isolate the earlier virus.

Both actors are in salary negotiations. We hear Foster’s price is in the $6 million range, while Redford’s is closer to $8 million. Shooting will begin in July.