January 10, 1994 12:00 PM


Despite published reports suggesting bad girl Shannen Doherty has been fired from Beverly Hills, 90210, we hear that her future with the show may still be up in the air. Sources close to the show tell us that although Doherty’s habit of showing up late to tapings prompted costars Ian Ziering, Luke Perry and Jason Priestley to complain to producer Aaron Spelling, no official action had been taken against the 22-year-old actress as of the Christmas vacation.

In fact, this is not the first time that reports have surfaced of a Doherty departure; a year ago, rumors had her practically out the door. So far, reps for Spelling, Ziering, Priestley, Perry and Doherty have declined comment.


Sexy actress Nicollette Sheridan, 29, and Columbia Pictures honcho Jon Peters, 46, were seen together around the Four Seasons Hotel on the Hawaiian island of Maui recently—which, one source says, didn’t make Peters’s girlfriend, the model Vendela, 26, very happy. However, according to a source close to Sheridan, Vandela has nothing to worry about. “Nicollette was on Maui at the same time as Jon,” says the source, “but she went there with a girlfriend, not with Jon. She and Jon are longtime friends, and besides, it’s too soon for her to have a new relationship. Nicollette’s still getting over her relationship with Michael Bolton.”


If Barbra Streisand, whose scheduled New Year’s performance in Vegas marks her first paying gig in more than 25 years, goes out on tour later this year, partial credit will have to go to her pal, tennis star Andre Agassi. A source close to Streisand says that Agassi “impressed upon Barbra that her gifts as a singer needed to be shared with others.”

Despite their reps’ statements to the contrary, says our source—and the fact that Agassi was romantically linked last year with college student Wendy Stewart—the 22-year-old athlete and the 51-year-old Streisand “were involved then and remain friends now.”


Because of their busy schedules, supermodel Claudia Sehiffer, 23, and her new boyfriend, magician David Copperfield, 37, hadn’t seen each other in three weeks when they rendezvoused recently at Chicago’s tony Ritz-Carlton hotel. But only hours after they checked in, the couple were hauled before the hotel’s general manager, Nick Mutton, by a security guard. Their crime? Pilfering a portion of the $3,000 gingerbread house in the hotel’s lobby. It seems Schiffer and Copperfield had decided to sample a part of the house’s roof in a bit of spur-of-the-moment mischief. But as it happened, Mutton recognized the daring duo; it was he who had settled them in their suite earlier that day. The general manager was not only gracious enough to let the celebrity pranksters off the hook, but he even allowed them to keep the purloined gingerbread. Grateful, Schiffer and Copperfield made an offer of their own: to pose with Mutton for a photograph to be hung on the office wall.

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