By Mitchell Fink
August 30, 1993 12:00 PM


Aloe Baldwin showed more enthusiasm for Softball than skill at the Artists and Writers charity game earlier this month in East Hampton, N.Y. Baldwin, playing third base for the Artists, hit a female spectator on the arm with an overthrow to first. Later in the game, while trying to score a run, he made a showy but unsuccessful slide into home. “He just pulled a Pete Rose on me,” reports novelist Jay McInerny. the catcher. “It was a really violent collision, but when the dust cleared, I still had the plate and the ball.”

Baldwin’s team lost, 9-6. As for the woman he accidentally hit, the actor went over to visit with her at least twice during the game, apologizing for his wild throw and checking that she was indeed okay. “She was fine, and after his second visit, glowingly fine,” according to a spectator.


Meanwhile, on a recent weekend Magic Johnson and Tom Cruise rounded up pals for a friendly game of soft-ball at Palisades High School in Los Angeles. Cruise played second base for one team; Magic pitched for the other. Cruise’s team beat Magic’s, 12-11, as Tom’s wife, Nicole Kidman, looked on.


Woody Allen is the new darling of the Irish (and British) press, which treated him sympathetically during his recent stay. He was there to exercise his court-ordered visitation rights with his son, Satchel. 5, who is in Dublin with his mother, Mia Farrow, while she shoots Widow’s Peak, her first non-Woody film in nine years.

When Allen arrived in Dublin with girlfriend Soon-Yi Previn (Mia’s adopted daughter), he drank at a local bar, talked with journalists and allowed himself to be photographed. The result: Such headlines as the Daily Express’ “Woody: Why My Suffering Goes On” and the Irish Independent’s “Woody’s Anguish.”


Simon & Schuster has finally settled on a title for the upcoming Howard Stern book, an autobiography for which radio’s resident bad boy was to be paid $ 1 million plus (PEOPLE, Feb. 22).

Stern’s own list of possible titles—who did he think he was kidding?—included Howard Stern’s Penis, Mein Kampf and I, Moron. Big surprise! All were nixed. Instead the book will be called Howard Stern’s Private Parts. Stern’s opus is scheduled for an October release.


Although there are no fewer than a dozen riding academies in the Hamptons area of New York’s Long Island, Christie Brinkley wants her horses within whistling distance.

Brinkley and her husband, pop rocker Billy Joel, therefore are pulling up more than 2,000 feet of wooden fence and a two-horse shed on their ocean-front estate in Amagansett, N.Y. The Joels own four horses, and everybody rides, including their daughter, Alexa. 7.

The horse shed was Brinkley’s idea. She is the most serious rider in the family, and she says it has always been her dream to be able to wake up in the morning and see her horses.