August 16, 1993 12:00 PM


Barbra Streisand usually gets what she wants, but if she wants to sing “I’ve Got a Crush on You” as a duet with Frank Sinatra, she’ll have to do it his way.

Ol’ Blue Eyes went into the studio by himself earlier this summer to record 20 of his signature songs for a new album of duets with various top-name performers for Capitol Records. Sinatra then left it to producer Phil Ramone to have the other artists, including Aretha Franklin, Carly Simon and Tony Bennett, add their vocal tracks to his.

Streisand, however, prefers her duets the old-fashioned way—with both singers at the microphone simultaneously. According to one source, Streisand is “still on the fence” over her planned duet with Sinatra because she feels his way “lacks intimacy.” Another source maintains that Streisand will do the song and is now simply “waiting to hear the arrangement.” In any event, we’re told that Sinatra is finished recording and has no intention of returning to the studio just to accommodate Streisand or anyone else.

The album is due for a Christmas release.


More Sinatra news: James Farentino was arrested on July 30 in the parking lot of a West Hollywood restaurant and charged with stalking as well as violating a restraining order, according to Greg Boles, a detective with the L.A. police department’s Threat Management Unit. Farentino’s lawyer, Blaine Greenberg, acknowledges that the restraining order allegedly violated was the one obtained three months ago by the actor’s ex-girlfriend, producer Tina Sinatra, but predicts that his client “will be exonerated if the city attorney decides to prosecute.” Sinatra’s lawyer declined comment.


At a recent charity auction in London, the manager of U2 bid $18,000 for lead singer Bono, a chess enthusiast, to play a match against world chess champion Gary Kasparov. Bono wanted even more action. According to London’s The Spectator, Bono said he was prepared to wager an additional $15,000 on the match, despite admitting that playing Kasparov is like “getting into the ring with Mike Tyson.”

Don’t buy tickets yet. U2 is touring Europe all fall, and Kasparov plays British grandmaster Nigel Short in an extended match next month. Oh, yeah, Bono has also challenged Short.


The only thing anyone in the movie business wanted to talk about last week was whether Heidi Fleiss, 27, the so-called Hollywood Madam, would be naming the many big-shot actors, directors and producers she is supposed to have supplied with prostitutes. Fleiss will be arraigned Monday, Aug. 9, on felony pimping and pandering charges. The joke around town was you knew your career was over if Fleiss didn’t name you.

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