July 26, 1993 12:00 PM


We’re hearing different stories about the four-month engagement of Sharon Stone, star of Sliver, to the film’s coproducer, Bill MacDonald. When shooting began, you might recall, he was newly wed to his girlfriend of eight years, Naomi Baca. After MacDonald and Stone paired off, Baca took up with the movie’s screenwriter, Joe Eszterhas, himself married almost 25 years.

But now, a source says media fallout from a legal entanglement has “soured” Stone on MacDonald. In a class-action lawsuit filed April 30 in Los Angeles, MacDonald and the executive producer of Sliver, Robert Evans, among others, were accused of benefiting from a fraudulent investment scheme at the expense of about 8,000 private investors, some of them retirees. Both men deny any wrongdoing. “Basically,” says the source, “Sharon is bailing out before she becomes tarnished by his negative publicity.”

False, maintains Stone. MacDonald, she tells us, is “still asking me to marry him every day and I’m still saying yes. It’s true that we wanted to be married in July, but due to |MacDonald’s] unsigned annulment agreement, we are unable to. But we’re going on a honeymoon anyway.”

Stone’s rep adds that Stone and MacDonald intend to leave the country for the month of August and travel “to an undisclosed location.” Our opinion? Maybe she’ll gently break the news to him there.


You’ve heard tin; verdict, now read the book. Or in this case, the book proposal—by Kristi Groteke, 24, the nanny who has worked for Mia Farrow since 1991. Sources tell us that Jane Dystel, Groteke’s agent (yes, these days even nannies have agents), is trying to peddle a story that will, like the court’s recent custody decision, favor Farrow and take Woody Allen to task. Dystel says three publishers have expressed interest in what she hopes will be a six-figure deal.


Hollywood eyebrows were raised when it was recently reported that Tom Cruise, star of The Firm, Sydney Pollack, its director-coproducer, and Scott Rudin, another coproducer, had each accepted $100,000 Mercedes-Benz 500 SLs as thank-you from Paramount in acknowledgement of The Firm’s box office success. But, even in Tinseltown such extravagance is rare. More typical is the wrap present that Cruise himself bestowed on the crew of The Firm: a glass paperweight with a miniature replica of the movie’s poster inside and Cruise’s autograph in ink on the bottom. As Cone-heads finished filming, co-star Dan Aykrovd handed out jackets emblazoned with a picture of himself and John Belushi. And to do something different, when Jurassic Park wrapped, director Steven Spielberg donated $25,000 to dinosaur research on behalf of the film’s actors.

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