November 15, 1993 12:00 PM


It can pay—big—to be a wild child. We hear that Beverly Hills, 90210’s Shannen Doherty, 22, was recently offered $100,000 for a tell-all television interview. But the just married actress, who has been sued for nonpayment of rent as well as for writing bad checks, must not need the cash too badly. Doherty turned down the offer, which a source close to her says came “in writing” from “a syndicated tabloid show.”


Among Susan Sarandon’s upcoming movie projects is MGM’s Speechless, which a source says will be “loosely based” on the real-life relationship of James Carville, who helped mastermind Bill Clinton’s run for the White House, and his fiancée, talk show host Mary Matalin, a heavy hitter in the George Bush camp. Who will play Carville to Sarandon’s Matalin? We hear that Tim Bobbins, Sarandon’s live-in love, is thinking about it. Unlike Carville and Matalin, Sarandon and Bobbins are not split along party lines; both are staunch Democrats. His decision, we’re told, will depend “on the rewrite of the script.”


Once Mikhail Gorbachev signed disarmament treaties—now he’s inking envelopes. The former President of the Soviet Union recently affixed his signature to 1,000 commemorative envelopes postmarked in Charlottesville, Va., on April 13, 1993, the date on which he gave a speech there honoring Thomas Jefferson.

Sports Placement Services, a Malibu agency that, up until now, has mostly handled retired athletes like Muhammad Ali and Joe Namath. brokered the deal. The fee they got for Gorby: $100,000. The buyer: Tom Wiley of Gateway Stamp Co. in St. Louis, who says he hopes to recoup “upward of $495 each” for the envelopes.

What’s Gorbachev going to do with his take? Sports Placement Services says that after they get their cut, the rest will go to the Gorbachev Foundation, headquartered in Moscow.


Could it be that Ted Hanson and Whoopi Goldberg have called it quits, just when the negative publicity generated by Danson’s appearance in blackface at Goldberg’s Friars Roast last Oct. 8 has begun to subside? Well, we’ve started to hear rumblings of that unsettling news around Hollywood recently, so we called reps for the couple. Danson’s spokesperson had “no answer one way or the other” regarding the rumored split and added that Danson is in Northern California shooting an independent feature, Pontiac Moon, costarring Mary Steenburgen. Goldberg is in L.A. shooting a new movie, Corrina, Corrina, with Ray Liotta. Her rep had no comment.

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