February 22, 1993 12:00 PM


Time to close the book on Mickey Rourke’s stormy three-year relationship and seven-month marriage to model-actress Carré Otis? A source close to Otis says the marriage “is over.” We’re hearing that Jane Kachmier. Rourke’s manager, who used to speak for both Rourke and Otis, no longer” represents Otis. She; refused to comment about anything “relating to Mickey’s personal life.”


Hollywood cognoscenti are buzzing that Barbra Streisand, 50, expressed what seemed like more than friendly interest in the 22-year-old son of an ex-beau while she was vacationing this winter in Sun Valley, Idaho. The young man is said to have let her know he was otherwise engaged.

According to Streisand’s longtime; manager, Marty Ehrlichman: “She did not become involved. She was not interested in him.”


Yes, that was Arnold Schwarzenegger who was dangling from a crane 18 stories above Long Reach, Calif., two weeks ago, during the filming of a scene for his next picture, Last Action Hero.

Dave Hudson, there to direct the Video The Making of Last Action Hero, tells us that under normal circumstances the filming of a scene that dangerous would call for the use of Schwarzenegger’s stunt double. “But [director] John McTiernan asked Arnold if he wanted to do it himself, and he said yes,” says Hudson.

Why did the big guy agree? Longtime Schwarzenegger stunt coordinator Joel Kramer says’s, “Arnold trusts me.”


Radio shock jock Howard Stern, whose morning show is now broadcast in 12 major markets, is expected to sign a $1 million-plus deal this week with Simon & Schuster for a book due next fall. Rather than a traditional autobiography, Stern (with an as yet to be chosen collaborator) plans a freewheeling, opinionated tome along the lines of fellow radio star Hush Limbaugh’s No. I best-seller. The Way Things Ought to Be….

More literary news: Michael Jackson, wearing a white handkerchief over his mouth and nose. visited Bookstar, a Santa Monica bookshop, on the day before his crotch-grabbing Super Bowl halftime show. Buying books on foot-bally No way. The so-called King of Pop spent $1,600 on children’s books.

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