By Mitchell Fink
June 14, 1993 12:00 PM


Hollywood movie-premiere etiquette demands that the house lights don’t go down until the star of the film is safely sealed. Well, etiquette certainly prevailed at the recent opening of Sylvester Stallone’s action movie Cliff-hanger. In fact, this night went beyond etiquette.

The premiere, held at Mann’s Chinese Theatre, was scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m., but Stallone didn’t arrive until 7:55. Walking in with his girlfriend, Jennifer Flavin, Sly was shown to his scat. Everybody in the theater saw him sit down. Everybody figured, okay, now they can start the movie.

But it didn’t start. Two other aisle seats, a few rows behind Stallone’s, remained empty. And then Arnold Schwarzenegger walked in. Only when he sat down did the film begin.


Speaking of Sly, Demolition Man is not only the title of his next movie, it’s also a 1981 song by the Police. The movie is not based on the song, but Sling, the former lead singer for the Police who wrote the song, has now rerecorded it for the movie, which opens next October.

Soundtrack work has become an important adjunct to Sting’s career. In the past year, he wrote “It’s Probably Me,” for Lethal Weapon 3, allowed “Shape of My Heart,” a song from his current album, to be used in Three of Hearts and is now negotiating with the producers of True Romance, who want to use his “Fields of Gold.”

“We’re always looking for movies for Sling’s music,” says Miles Copeland. his manager. Is Sting giving up on his yet-to-ignite acting career? Nope, says Copeland: “For the time being, he’s concentrating on music. But Sting will act again.”


What a difference a season makes. Last March we reported that So I Married an Axe Murderer, the first film to be made by Saturday Night Live star Mike Myers since Wayne’s World raked in $120 million, was get-ling mighty bad word of mouth in Hollywood following a test screening. A TriStar official told us then that, as a result of the screening, portions of the film would be reshot prior to its Aug. 6 release.

That same person now says that “semi-major changes” were made in the middle and the end of the film. A source of ours who attended a test screening of the new, improved Axe Murderer reports that the audience “laughed out loud throughout” and adds that Myers gets away from his Wayne character and has great onscreen chemistry with costar Nancy Travis.


You can trust Bruce Willis to keep a secret. At least Willis was able to keep one from his brother, David, a TV and film producer, who recently celebrated his 30th birthday at Gotham Hall, a high-end billiards bar and restaurant in Santa Monica. According to a source there, Willis persuaded his younger brother to accompany him to the club by telling him that he, Bruce, needed to check out pool halls before possibly investing in one in Idaho. When the Willis brothers arrival at the party, 150 people, including Bruce’s wife, Demi Moore were waiting to yell “Surprise!”

And you can forget about those rumors of marital problems between Bruce and Demi. The source says the two were “nonstop touching each other” at the party.