July 20, 1992 12:00 PM


Is country-pop sensation Billy Ray Cyrus, the “Achy Breaky Heart” kid, getting too big for his very tight britches? A reliable source from Nashville tells us that Dolly Parton may well think so after Cyrus opened for her last month at the Poplar Creek Music Theater just outside Chicago. Our source says Cyrus ran over his allotted time, sauntered back onstage in the middle of Parton’s set to give Dolly a glass of water, and then announced that he and Parton were going to sing “Amazing Grace.” This was news to Dolly, but she gamely sang along for a few lines, said a sweet “thank you” to Cyrus and got him off the stage.

Of course, Parton’s spokesperson claims that Dolly suggested the duet and that she is a Cyrus fan. Cyrus’ manager says the entire story was “total bull.”


James Keach. younger brother of Stacy and an actor-director, has left his wife, actress Mimi Maynard, and there’s speculation that the reason may be his relationship with TV-movie queen Jane Seymour. In May, Keach directed Seymour in a made-for-cable thriller, Sunstroke, for the USA Network.

Seymour contends her relationship with Keach during the shooting of Sunstroke was “professional,” but that in the past month their association has “matured into a friendship.” Is “friendship” still the right word? “Whether his separation from his wife will affect that is simply something I cannot anticipate,” says Seymour.


What a difference a hit movie makes. Now that the summer cornedy Sister Act is booming at the box office for Disney, the studio is apparently feeling kindly toward Sister star Whoopi Goldberg.

The free-speaking Gold-berg had alienated Disney executives last year when, while making Sister Act, she publicly referred to herself as “picking cotton” for Disney and passed out T-shirts on the set with a picture of Mickey Mouse in blackface and the caption NIGGA-TEEK.

Eighty million dollars at the box office for Sister Act later, sources tell us that the studio is now talking to Miramax about possibly distributing the video version of Goldberg’s new movie, Sarafina!, which Miramax is releasing in October.


There’s a running gag in Eddie Murphy’s new movie, Boomerang, about his character, a cosmetics-marketing executive, ditching potential girlfriends because they don’t have beautiful feet.

“That’s the way Eddie feels about women’s feet in real life,” says a source close to the production, telling us that the loot-fetish scenes were not in the original script but, rather, were improvised by Murphy.

Without getting specific about Murphy’s tootsie preferences, his spokeswoman, Terrie Williams, confirms that the movie “represents a page or two out of Eddie’s life.”

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