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See if you can follow this: Judy Nelson, the former companion of Martina Navratilova who earlier this year settled her palimony suit against the tennis star, is moving from Aspen, where the two had been living together before their breakup, to Charlottesville, Va., and into the farmhouse home of novelist-screenwriter Rita Mac Brown. To make all this even more fun, Brown was a Navratilova inamorata before Navratilova took up with Nelson (and even wrote a roman à clef, Sudden Death, in 1983 about the women’s tennis tour).

Nelson tells us she is moving to Brown’s “for the summer only, to play polo,” contending that she and Brown “arc just good friends.” Nelson adds that she has begun writing a book, Nelson vs. Navratilova: A Love Story, for Carol Publishing and wants Brown to write the book’s foreword.

What does Martina think about all this? She tells us wryly, “Maybe Judy needed some pointers on writing a book.”


Can it be possible that Batman Returns is costing Warner Bros. between $80 million and $90 million even before the studio shells out for promotion and advertising? A number of sources, both inside and outside the studio, say yes.

A Warner spokesperson says it just isn’t so, putting the movie’s price tag in the “$50-$55 million” range.

No matter how much Batman Returns costs, don’t expect any secret prerelease screenings. There won’t be time to test the movie, since director Tim Burton will be working on it right up to its June 19 release date, according to Warner’s rep. Will the film be finished in time? “We’ll make it,” vows the rep. “There’s no way we won’t.”


Luke Perry without sideburns! That’s what the young fans of Beverly Hills, 90210 will have to brace themselves for when they see Perry in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a comedy-horror film due from 20th Century Fox on July 31.

Perry lops off his trademark burns, according to a spokesperson for the film, to show that his character “is getting his act together” at the end of the movie. Perry’s own rep assures us that the teen idol shaved only for the movie and will be sporting sideburns again in future 90210 episodes.


At the risk of sounding as if we have just emerged from a pitch meeting in Robert Altman’s The Player, there is a distinct possibility that Julia Roberts will star in director Stanley kubrick’s next movie. (In The Player screenwriters peddling scripts routinely suggest Roberts as a lead.)

We hear the new project, an original screenplay Kubrick is doing for Warner Bros., is an untitled World War II drama about a young Polish couple living under Nazi occupation. A source close to Roberts confirms that the actress was approached but says she won’t be making any decisions “until she has read the script. And there is no script yet.”

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