September 02, 1991 12:00 PM


Erin Everly’s taste in music—and men—must be eclectic. Last year the 25-year-old daughter of Don Everly—of the Everly Brothers duo—walked down the aisle in Las Vegas with Axl Rose, heavy-metal rebel of Guns N’ Roses. But the marriage was annulled nine months later, and now Erin has taken up with Matthew Nelson, one of the platinum-tressed twins who make up the Nelsons and who is himself the son of early rock idol Rick.

Nelson does not want to talk about the fledgling romance yet, reports his publicist. But Nelson’s mother, Kris Tinker (née Harmon), calls it “amazing. When I heard Matthew was going with Erin, I said, ‘Matthew, Pop used to date her mother!’ ”

According to Tinker, Rick Nelson went out with Erin’s mother, Venetia Stevenson, then an actress and model, when he was in his late teens—before he went on to marry Kris and Venetia wed Don.

But Kris adds one ominous note. Venetia, she says, first dated Rick’s brother, David, but Rick stole her away. “He was always taking girls away from David,” she says.

Hmm. Maybe Matthew is wise to keep quiet about this whole Erin thing, at least when brother Gunnar is around.


Lawyer William Kunstler has long been a loud champion of radical causes. So you certainly can’t accuse director Spike Lee of typecasting when he picked Kunstler to play a racist judge in Lee’s new film bio, Malcolm X. The role is especially ironic for Kunstler since he was a friend of Malcolm’s and often acted as his legal adviser in the early ’60s.

Kunstler was already consulting on the film, he says, when Lee asked him to audition for the judge’s part by reading with Denzel Washington, who plays Malcolm. Washington was late, so Kunstler had to deliver his lines solo, but he got the part anyway.

Malcolm X will mark Kunstler’s second appearance on the big screen; he played a lawyer defending Jim Morrison (Val Kilmer) against obscenity charges in The Doors.

Kunstler is thrilled with his budding film career. “I love it,” he says. “I’m a method actor, you see, though I don’t know what method.” But he does know what he would like to do next: “I want some sort of love scene now. I’m thinking of Lauren Bacall.”


Whoopi Goldberg is currently taking singing lessons to help her belt out several numbers in Sister Act, a Touchstone movie that starts shooting in the fall. “Whoopi is having a great time,” says producer Scott Rudin. “This is her chance to be Ann-Margret.”


Giuseppe Franco, hairdresser to the stars and a self-promoter par excellence, tells us he is close to signing a deal for a national line of hair-care products bearing his name.

Franco promises to deliver “the hippest, coolest endorsers ever in commercials”—though the names he mentions as having lined up to hawk his shampoo are Kristy McNichol and Andrew Dice Clay. (Neither McNichol nor Clay would confirm plans to appear in Franco’s new ads, but both can be seen in local spots advertising his Los Angeles hair salon.)

Franco says Mickey Rourke, his buddy and business partner, will make his directing debut shooting the black-and-white ads. Rourke’s manager, however, says the actor “has no plans to direct commercials for Giuseppe at this time.”

Maybe they can settle this one in the boxing ring.

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